26 Best Buzz Cut Haircuts for Men: Ultimate Guide in 2024

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Think that choosing a men’s buzz cut is as easy as choosing a number? Think again, exposing some scalp isn’t just about being bald and brave anymore, or even about having a wash ‘n go haircut, it’s still about finding the best haircut for you, no one-style-fits-all. The good news for you is that these ultra-short cuts be it masculine, minimal, or whatever your vibe, we’ve got your number.

Finding the right buzz cut is about achieving the perfect balance between function and fashion, style and simplicity. If you want to join the growing army of cut-close-to-the-head men, make sure you know how to rock a buzz cut.

1. Buzz Cut Fade

Early on, men in the military were easily identifiable by their shaved heads typically the only ones who sported this look. As men’s style has progressed over the years, the buzz fade has been fully embraced by the American zeitgeist. To get this look, the back and sides of the head are shaved and very little length is left on top. To personalize the style ask your barber for a more intense fade, starting higher up on the head.

Buzz Cut Fade
@vinicius.rodrigues.barber / Instagram

2. Long Buzz Cut

If you aren’t ready to completely commit to a lack of hair (don’t worry that doesn’t mean a lack of style), a long buzz cut is a good first choice. Different size clippers determine the length of the hair on top and gently taper the sides for a uniform look. Brush to the side, add a little men’s mousse for volume or pomade for a more slicked-back look, and you’re good to go!

Long Buzz Cut
@mukkaki / Instagram

3. Buzz Cut with Beard

Ever wonder how to look good with a buzz cut? A combo with a beard is the best way to create a balanced look. Keep in mind that with short hair on top, grooming and maintaining any facial hair is a top priority. To achieve a simple yet effective Justin Timberlake ‘I just got out of bed and look this great’ men’s haircut, make sure your buzz cut and beard are a similar length.

Buzz Cuts

4. Military Buzz Cut

Buzz cut men need to be brave, it’s the shortest way to style hair without using a head shaving razor and showing off your real crown. Widely considered to be an even shave all over the head, this haircut is one of the originals, touted by men in the armed forces, making it low maintenance. No muss, no fuss.

Military Buzz Cut
@dietmarherbert / Instagram

5. Military Buzz Cut Fade

Keep the back and sides as short as possible and gradually lengthen the hair as you reach the crown, never use more than a two (clipper blade size) on the top to keep a consistent buzz fade. Keep your military buzz cut fade looking its best with a light pomade or splash of oil.

Military Buzz Cut Fade
@barberbirdman / Instagram

6. Dyed Buzz Cut

The ranks of buzz cut men welcome celebrities like Joe Jonas and Eminem who have especially upped the vibes with a dyed buzz cut. It’s a statement style for men who don’t care about breaking the rules. It’s a great low-maintenance cut with an edge in style.

Dyed Buzz Cut
@joejonas / Instagram

7. Grown Out Buzz Cut

The roadmap to a successful grown-out buzz cut is to do it gracefully. Easily done by managing the proportion between the top and sides as it grows. How long it will take depends on how quickly your hair grows. Expect it to take 12-16 weeks with regular trips to the barber.

Grown Out Buzz Cut
@only.downey / Instagram

8. Thick Hair Buzz Cut

Having thick hair doesn’t always mean unruly and wild, this hairstyle is on-trend for men with coarse tresses who are looking for an easy ‘do. Masculine and a great way to highlight the cheekbones and jawline, there isn’t much wrong with this modern, simple take on the buzz cut fade.

Asian Buzz Cut
@_barber_aiden_ / Instagram

9. Buzz Cut for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be hard to accept and lead to feeling self-conscious. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This one is for you if you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I buzz my head?” The answer is yes. Instead of growing the hair to cover a thinning area, opt for a buzz cut on a 2 or 3 blade. A quick buzz helps any thinning appear far less noticeable and gives a sharp, manly vibe.

Buzz Cut for Thinning Hair
@geronimo165 / Instagram

10. Low Fade Buzz Cut

A full hair chop might be too daunting for some, ease your way into it by starting at the very bottom of your hairline to clean up your look, to achieve the hair gets blended from a 2 or 3 to 000.

Low Fade Buzz Cut
@rickifadlian / Instagram

11. Mid Fade Buzz Cut

The difference between a buzz with a low fade and a mid fade is where it starts. To accomplish a mid-fade, the grading needs to start about an inch above the ears. The finished look is dramatic and clean. Mid fades suit all face shapes, while a low fade is more flattering for square and round faces.

Mid Fade Buzz Cut
@danielbarber._ / Instagram

12. Receding Hairline Buzz Cut

Don’t let a receding hairline affect your confidence, if super celebrities like Chris Evens can make it look stylish, you can too. Buzz hairstyles help draw less attention to the hairline and create a softer contrast between the forehead and hair. If a buzz cut receding hairline has you not feeling like your best self, you can always shave it down to the skin–a liberating experience.

Buzz Cut for Receding Hairline
@chrisevans / Instagram

13. Balding Buzz Cut

Longer haircuts can make any lack of hair more noticeable. If you don’t want to go as far as a full shave, a buzz cut is an excellent choice. It’ll draw attention to your face and away from any bald patches, still keeping you as sharp as ever.

Balding Buzz Cut
@jasonstatham / Instagram

14. Short Buzz Cut

Show the world you mean business with a classic short cut. This no-nonsense style means asking your barber to buzz all over with a number 2 or 3 blade for an even length on the top, back, and sides. This tight trim suits men with triangular face shapes.

Short Buzz Cut
@beardrust / Instagram

15. Skin Fade Cut

For a more clean and brisk look, pair your buzz cut with a skin fade. Starting with a 2-3 buzz cut on top, your barber will fade your hair down gradually until it hits the skin. To keep your cut fresh and the fade flush, you’ll need to visit your barber every 2-3 weeks.

Skin Fade Buzz Cut
@sixsixfadez / Instagram

16. Buzz Mop Top

Nothing makes a statement quite like a buzz with a mop top. Just ask pop sensation, Zayn Malik. Super short and even on the sides, with longer hair left up top, this fresh trim is on-trend and attention-grabbing. Go longer on top and play with style using products like pomade to keep the hair in place or men’s sea salt spray to give it more texture. If you’re worried about looking appropriate for the office opt for a shorter length on top for a subtler look.

Buzz Cut with Mohawk
@zaynews / Instagram

17. Buzz Cut with Design

In case you thought buzz cuts couldn’t get any more personalized, try customizing your cut with a design. From zig-zags to lines, diamonds, and more, add a little something unique to you. If you’re looking for a more rebellious look, pair with bleached or bold-colored hair.

Buzz Cut with Design
@cerkin_barber / Instagram

18. Taper Buzz Cut

A taper and a buzz cut go together like a pony and tail, a match made in heaven. They are a striking combo and one of the best styles to make yourself strikingly different in a room full of the same ‘this seasons’ haircut.

Taper Buzz Cut
@detaildale / Instagram

19. High Fade Buzz Cut

The high fade, different from the mid or low-fade, brings the cut all the way up to the temples. A versatile buzz cut length that gives the illusion of height making it a good choice for men with round or diamond-shaped faces.

High Fade Buzz Cut
@lokal38_barbershop / Instagram

20. Caesar Buzz Cut

Not feeling confident about styling a long buzz haircut? Try for a classic Caesar cut with shaved sides. Here, you can walk the line between high fashion and low maintenance. Named after the Roman Emperor, the Caesar cut features short and straight bangs styled forward, contrasting with a masculine buzz cut. This cut has also been reimaged and repopularized as the Edgar cut.

Caesar Buzz Cut
@aswin.giri_ / Instagram

21. High and Tight Buzz Cut

Wear it high and tight in this statement buzz cut haircut. Tapered in the back and sides with a top that is a slightly longer length, giving it the versatility to style in whatever way suits you best. It’s a sharp buzz cut also favored by the military, lovingly nicknamed ‘jarhead’ due to the top of the cut looking like a lid.

High and Tight Buzz Cut
@ryanreynoldsmyman / Instagram

22. Buzz Cut Mullet

The mullet makes a comeback, bet you never thought you would see that one again. Once, this hair cut featured long hair all over with an even longer style in the back, but today, this retro hairstyle is all about the weight at the back and a close-to-the-head shave on the sides. For inspiration, think Aussie rugby league player Jai Arrow.

Buzz Cut Mullet
@mulletbabyy / Instagram

23. Buzz Cut Taper Fade

Minimal, cool, and polished-looking tapered buzz haircut works well for men with strong features. The taper gradually fades the hair on the back and sides, meanwhile, the hair on top is longer. A blended combination rather than a stark contrast it’s at home in both the boardroom and the gym.

Buzz Cut Taper Fade
@barbeariaespacoa / Instagram

24. Buzzed Crew Cut

Not as hard-core as a regular buzz cut, the crew cut tapers down the sides and back of the head to make the hair a little longer in front. Alternatively, the hair is tapered on the sides and back of the head while the top is clipped.

Crew Buzz Cut
@bentley.lounge.barbers / Instagram

24. Widow’s Peak Buzz Cut

If you have a receding hairline, this buzz-cut is ideal. A widow’s peak is a V-shape point in the front of the forehead and when cut short it doesn’t draw attention to a widow’s peak, unlike other styles that are left longer on top.

Widow's Peak Buzz Cut
@chrispineofficialfanpage / Instagram

26. Buzz Cut with Line Up

Add even more buzz to your cut by pairing it with a line-up. Your barber can make this happen in many ways. These could be angles, lines on the hairline, parting, or temples. It’s a buzzed haircut that makes a statement for a man with stacks of attitude.

Buzz Cut with Line Up
@cutzbywyatt_ / Instagram

Buzz Cut FAQ:

What is a buzz cut?

A buzzed haircut is a style that uses only clippers and no scissors. While it’s part of a family of haircuts, a classic buzz cut should be the same length all the way around. There are many types to choose from, and it’s their shape and length that sets them apart.

Should I get a buzz cut?

A buzz cut saves the day for men with a receding hairline, bald patches, or widow’s peak. The same goes for guys with lean faces and strong features. A buzz cut is a low-maintenance haircut, think wake-up and go kind of cut. Keep it looking sharp by making a return trip to the barbers every 2-3 weeks.

How do I get a buzz cut?

Fashionable and functional, a buzz cut is a barbershop favorite. Make sure you know the clipper size or have a photo of the style you want. If you go it alone, watch how the professionals do it on YouTube or online. Then, invest in quality clippers, a set of guards, and a soft-bristle brush. If you don’t live alone, maybe a broom to clean up afterwards.

How to style a buzz cut?

A buzz haircut is wash and go. After a shower, rub it with a towel, and you’re all set. Depending on the length of your buzz and style, you can either go au-natural or, invest ie sea salt spray, mousse, or pomade.

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