Master Your Splits With This 30-Minute Yoga Flow For Strength and Flexibility


If the splits have always evaded you, this 30-minute yoga flow might be exactly what you need. Whether you’re trying to get your splits, or just looking to build strength and flexibility, these poses are all about increasing mobility and targeting the backline of your body. Yoga instructor Nikki Nie leads you through every posture, adding modifications and helping you become the most flexible version of yourself. Feel free to add modifications throughout, and grab a couple yoga blocks if you’re especially tight around the hips and hamstrings.

You’ll start with some deep, intentional breathwork in mountain pose, taking a moment to ground yourself and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. From here, you’ll focus on strength, activating the muscles in the lower back with forward folds and baby cobra, and engaging the core in a high plank position. “Take your time, and really [build] this patience to hold things longer than what feels comfortable,” Nie says. “That’s really where the growth happens.”

After this, you’ll move through your vinyasa to build more heat, including a few more challenging poses like chaturanga. Nie then guides you through Warrior One, where you’ll work dynamically through pyramid pose, folding and rising with a straight, strong spine while releasing tension in the hamstrings.

Kicking the flexibility up a notch, you’ll eventually find flight in Warrior Three before immediately transitioning into a standing split. You’ll then work on your balance by hugging your knee into your chest and gradually extending the leg outwards. “It’s not just about the flexibility, it’s not just about the strength — that’s a huge part of it,” Nie says. “It’s about really just connecting to yourself, to your source, to the full capacity of your power.”

Once you’re warm, you’ll end the practice with a half split, slowly sliding into a full split if you can. No matter how far you make it, the important thing is to focus on your own flexibility, and the progress you’ve made. “Some of us live in bodies that are just always a little bit tighter, and this is not available, and that’s OK,” Nie points out. “Let your goal just to be to find more flexibility for yourself, and not compare to where I’m at.” Follow along for a flexibility challenge and don’t miss new episodes of Breathe Fitsugar every Sunday on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.

Name: Nikki Nie
Top: Target
Pant: Aerie
Instagram: nikki_nie_

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