How To Cuff Jeans: 9 Best Ways to Raise Your Denim Profile

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Mastering how to cuff jeans is an essential skill for the modern fashion-savvy individual. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the art of cuffing jeans, a simple yet impactful way to elevate your denim game.

Whether you’re aiming for a casual look or a more polished ensemble, understanding the nuances of different cuffing techniques can transform the way you wear your jeans. From the classic single cuff to the trendy bicycle cuff, we’ve covered a range of styles to suit every preference and occasion.

So, let’s roll up those hems and step into the world of stylish, cuffed denim with confidence and flair. Read on for nine trusted methods of how to cuff jeans.

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How to cuff jeans

The Single Cuff: Simplicity Meets Style

The single cuff is the epitome of understated elegance in the realm of denim. It’s the kind of cuff you turn to when you want to add a slight edge to your look without going overboard.

How to Cuff Jeans: Gently fold the hem of your jeans upwards by about two inches. Ensure that the fold is crisp and even for a polished look.

Style Notes: This cuff works wonders on jeans that are just the right length. It’s versatile enough to complement a range of styles, from your classic straight-legs to more contemporary slim fits. Avoid it with bootcut or flared jeans, as it disrupts their natural flow.

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The Double Cuff: The True Classic

When a single fold just doesn’t cut it, the double cuff steps in to offer a bit more in terms of style and function.

How to Cuff Jeans: Start with a single cuff, then fold it up once more to double the height. Aim for a total cuff of about three to four inches.

Style Notes: Ideal for when you need to shorten your jeans a tad more. It’s a bolder statement and works best with slightly looser fits. The double cuff adds a rugged charm to your ensemble, perfect for a weekend look.

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The Skinny Double Cuff: A Sleek Twist

For those who love the idea of a double cuff but crave a sleeker silhouette, the skinny double is your go-to.

How to Cuff Jeans: Perform a standard single cuff, then tuck the hem inwards to conceal it, creating a thinner, more refined double cuff.

Style Notes: This method suits jeans that aren’t long enough for a full double cuff. It’s a smart way to achieve a double-cuffed appearance with a neater, more tailored finish.

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The Mega Cuff: A Statement Maker

Bold and unapologetic, the mega cuff is for those who dare to make a statement with their denim.

How to Cuff Jeans: Fold up a substantial portion of the jean leg – think four inches or more – to form a single, oversized cuff.

Style Notes: This cuff demands attention and is best suited to looser fits and heavier denim fabrics. It’s a favorite in certain fashion circles, like the rockabilly scene, and adds an edgy twist to more relaxed, boyfriend-style jeans.

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The Japanese Cuff: Cult Favorite

A nod to the meticulous craftsmanship of Japanese denim, this cuff is as stylish as it is functional.

How to Cuff Jeans: Start with a large single cuff of about three to four inches, then add another fold on top.

Style Notes: This cuff is particularly effective for showcasing the intricate hem stitching often found in high-quality denim. It’s a subtle way to flaunt the finer details of your jeans and works exceptionally well with selvedge denim.

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The Relaxed Cuff: Casual Cool

Embrace the laid-back vibes of summer with a cuff that’s all about casual coolness.

How to Cuff Jeans: Roll up your jeans two to four times, aiming for an uneven, relaxed roll.

Style Notes: This cuff is perfect for lighter denim and looser fits. It’s about creating an effortless, just-thrown-together look that pairs beautifully with summer footwear and offers a glimpse of ankle.

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The Inside-Out Cuff: A Unique Spin

For those looking to break the mold, the inside-out cuff offers a fresh perspective.

How to Cuff Jeans: Fold a large portion of the jean leg inwards, then cuff it once more outwardly.

Style Notes: This method is less common, giving you a chance to stand out. It lends a clean, tailored look to your jeans, especially effective with slimmer fits and darker washes.

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The Pin Roll Cuff: Slim Perfection

The pin roll is a skillful way to taper your jeans, creating a custom fit that highlights your footwear.

How to Cuff Jeans: Pinch the inseam of your jeans and fold it over, then cuff the jeans about one-and-a-half to two inches, securing the fold in place.

Style Notes: This cuff works best on jeans with a bit of extra length and is particularly effective on slimmer, tapered fits. It’s a great way to draw attention to your sneakers or boots.

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The Bicycle Cuff: Functional Elegance

The bicycle cuff is a pragmatic yet stylish solution for the modern man, especially for those who lead an active, on-the-go lifestyle. This cuff is particularly popular among urban cyclists and those seeking a blend of functionality and fashion.

How to Cuff Jeans: Fold your jeans up to create a cuff of about two to three inches, then fold it again, but only halfway up the initial cuff. This creates a layered look that’s both secure and stylish.

Style Notes: The bicycle cuff is a practical choice for cyclists because it prevents the jeans from getting caught in the bike chain. It’s also great for hiking or other outdoor activities.

It offers a neat, tapered look that’s perfect for showcasing your footwear, be it classic sneakers or cycling shoes.

This cuff works exceptionally well with slim-fit and straight-leg jeans. The layered cuffing adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit while serving a functional purpose.

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How to Cuff Jeans: Tips and Tricks

Variety is Key

Regularly alternating between different cuff styles can significantly reduce stress and wear on the fabric at the fold lines. This is particularly crucial for raw denim aficionados, as raw denim is more prone to creasing and wear.

Don’t stick to a single cuff size. Experimenting with different widths can not only add variety to your look but also distribute wear more evenly across the hem of the jeans.

Proportion Matters

The cuff should complement the overall style of the jeans. For instance, wider cuffs are more suited to relaxed or straight-leg jeans, whereas slimmer fits like skinny jeans benefit from narrower cuffs.

Your body type plays a role in how a cuff looks. Taller individuals can carry off larger cuffs without compromising the perceived leg length, but shorter individuals might find that smaller cuffs help elongate their silhouette.

Height Considerations

A general rule in how to cuff jeans is to keep the cuff height no higher than the top of your shoes. This maintains a clean line and avoids the appearance of shortened legs.

The type of shoes you wear can dictate the appropriate cuff height. For example, high-top sneakers or boots might call for a slightly higher cuff, and low-top shoes work well with lower cuffs.

Seasonal Cuffing

The weather and time of year can influence how to cuff jeans. For example, lighter, airier cuffs are more suitable for warmer months. The double cuff or a simple single cuff can add a breezy feel to your outfit. In colder months, a larger cuff like the mega cuff can add an extra layer of warmth over boots and also prevent the hems from dragging in wet conditions.

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Final Verdict

Cuffing jeans is more than a mere practicality; it’s a fashion statement, a way to express your personal style and add a unique touch to your denim. Whether you’re going for a subtle single cuff or a bold mega cuff, each style has its own character and charm.

Experiment with these how to cuff jeans techniques to find the look that resonates with your personal style and elevates your denim game to new heights. Remember, in the world of fashion, it’s the small details that sometimes make the biggest impact.


    • To cuff your jeans perfectly, ensure that the cuff is even and crisp all around, and choose a width that complements the fit of your jeans and your body type.

      • Cuffing jeans is definitely in style; it’s a timeless trend that adds a personal touch and flair to your denim wear.

        • To taper cuff your jeans, first pinch and fold the inseam of your jeans before rolling them up to create a more tapered, slimming effect at the ankle.

          • Cuffed jeans can look fantastic when done correctly, adding a stylish and intentional detail to your outfit.

            • You can definitely cuff straight jeans, as it can add a stylish edge to your look, especially when the cuff size is proportionate to the fit of the jeans.

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