The Mejuri Pieces to Invest in Right Now, According to Fashion Editors


Like many fashion editors out there, the thrill of finding high-quality, affordable pieces fuels my never-ending quest for jewelry. While I don’t even wear that much jewelry (my engagement ring and statement earrings are more than enough), the pieces I do own have been the product of nitpicky research for quality that doesn’t come at a month’s rent price. And Mejuri, the direct-to-consumer brand known for its minimalist take on jewelry and accessories, is one label that stands out in my collection.

Since launching in 2015, Mejuri—led by co-founder and CEO Noura Sakkijha—has quickly blown up into a celebrity favorite, with names like Bella Hadid and Sydney Sweeney endorsing the Toronto-based brand. It’s also collaborated with contemporary labels like Luar, Ganni, and Frame. It’s also immensely popular on TikTok, where the hashtag #mejuri has been used in over 11,000 posts, largely thanks to the brand’s appeal to the “clean girl aesthetic,” which includes gold, minimal jewelry as one of its essentials. But what really draws people to Mejuri is the price tag: The brand boasts over 300 products under $150, and last year, also added lab-grown diamond jewelry for less than four digits to its roster.

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I get the hype. Walking into a Mejuri store feels like entering a luxury jewelry store on Madison Avenue without the “You don’t belong here” feeling or five-figure prices. And while the brand may specialize in minimalist jewelry, its focus on creating easily stackable and customizable pieces, including charm necklaces, engraved rings, and mini hoops, draws in even the most maximalist dressers out there. Personally, my favorite Mejuri pieces are the Bold Pearl Drop Earrings, which I bought to wear to a wedding in 2022, and have since worn with everything from beach-going outfits to eveningwear. Two years later, they’re still in perfect condition after undergoing hours under the sun and some heavy-duty nighttime dancing.

After years of personal trials and market research, I enlisted fashion editors to share their best recommendations. Here’s what’s worth investing in at Mejuri in 2024.

What to Shop At Mejuri: Earrings

Mejuri is largely known for its gold hoop earrings, which are available in a wide range of sizes and widths, including the brand’s popular Mini Hoop—made to fit tightly to one’s earlobe—and the Tube Hoop, featuring a wider band. For those who prefer bolder hoop earrings, the brand’s Chunky Hoop, designed with undulating features in a thick band, and Beaded Hoop, which includes small protuberances that form the illusion of beads, are also good options.

Freelance writer India Roby names the Dome Huggies as the favorite pair in her collection, sharing that they carry the look of hoop earrings but are much more comfortable, thanks to their open backs. Roby leans into the stackable nature of Mejuri’s jewelry, adding the style to her second ear hole. At $58, Roby feels they are a good deal, especially considering the high-quality gold vermeil material. “I think many customers are maybe afraid to purchase gold vermeil because of tarnish, but it has yet to do so on my end,” she says.

Essential Pearl Earrings White

Mejuri Essential Pearl Earrings White

Mejuri x LUAR Convertible Hoops

Mejuri Mejuri x LUAR Convertible Hoops

Dome Huggies

Mejuri Dome Huggies

Charlotte Bold Hoops

Mejuri Charlotte Bold Hoops

What to Shop at Mejuri: Rings

If you’re the type of fashion girl whose idea of the perfect ring is a simple band rather than a statement piece, Mejuri is the brand for you. While the brand has slowly incorporated more gemstone and diamond pieces, which make for alternative engagement rings, it’s carved out a clientele that prefers the flexibility and outright uniqueness of its minimalist take on rings.

Signet rings—one of the most popular jewelry trends out there, thanks largely to pop culture phenomena like Saltburn and One Day—are one market Mejuri has covered. It helps that the brand’s minimalist aesthetic goes right in hand with the look of signet rings, characterized by their flat top and sleek design, which Mejuri offers in materials like black titanium, which offers a menswear-inspired look, pavé diamonds—for those looking for a feminine, elegant touch—and black onyx, a rising trend among non-traditional brides.

The brand is also known for its bubble rings, which have become popular as puffed jewelry and accessories gather steam in the market. Bustle senior fashion editor Kelsey Stiegman has her eye on Mejuri’s Dome Ring, which she says is at the top of her shopping list. “It’s the perfect bubble style because it’s got that puffed-up look but doesn’t feel gaudy, and the mixed metals feel so chic,” she says.

Slim Signet Ring

Mejuri Slim Signet Ring

Dome Ring Vermeil

Mejuri Dome Ring Vermeil

Figure Ring

Mejuri Figure Ring

Heirloom Ring Garnet

Mejuri Heirloom Ring Garnet

What to Shop at Mejuri: Necklaces

Whether it’s dainty diamond pendants or chunky chain necklaces, Mejuri’s neck accessories are one of the brand’s biggest selling points. Designed for optimal stacking (a tricky endeavor for anyone trying not to tangle their necklaces), the brand offers popular styles like the simple Chain Necklace and the Bold Herringbone Necklace, a thick chain with a braided look.

While chains may sound simple, personality is not lacking in Mejuri’s necklace selection. In fact, it’s front and center. From birthstone and zodiac versions to initial pendants, the brand’s customization factor makes you feel like you’re back at the local Claire’s, choosing a friendship necklace. Now, it’s only chicer.

Marie Claire senior news editor Halie LeSavage knows the feeling. She uses her Mejuri Letter Necklace, available in 14k yellow gold, as the base for her everyday jewelry stack. The material is holding up to its promise, according to LeSavage, going untarnished after months of daily wear (and the occasional shower splash!). But it’s the “D” on the necklace—which she carries for both her dog and her husband’s first initial—that makes the necklace truly special: “It’s corny, but I like having a piece of my family with me when I go about my day.”

Letter Necklace

Mejuri Letter Necklace

Chain Necklace

Mejuri Chain Necklace

Bold Herringbone Chain Necklace

Mejuri Bold Herringbone Chain Necklace

Zodiac Pendant Necklace Aries

Mejuri Zodiac Pendant Necklace Aries

What to Shop at Mejuri: Bracelets

Similarly to its necklaces, Mejuri’s bracelets have a menswear-inspired chain aesthetic. The Boyfriend Bold Bracelet, for example, is a wrist accessory version of a popular necklace from the brand. However, the category leans more toward the brand’s customization, including the Letter Bracelet, which is available in both metal and lab-grown diamonds, and the Engravable Bar Bracelet, a delicate chain accessory with a flat top.

Yet, as Mejuri has introduced more elevated materials like gemstones and lab-grown diamonds, the bracelet category has mimicked the fine jewelry market with tennis bracelets, multi-gemstone charm pieces, and structured cuffs.

Who What Wear assistant editor Ana Escalante is particularly taken with the brand’s Lab Grown Sapphire Tennis Bracelet in silver, which is available in four different lengths and bears white sapphires. “I’ve stopped by Mejuri’s boutique in Flatiron several times to try this on,” she says. “This tennis bracelet is the perfect middle ground between a costly, lab-grown option or one that’s finicky and simple costume jewelry.” Of course, as with many Mejuri customers, it is the combination of fine materials and modest price tag that has Escalante on the verge of swiping her credit card: “It’s by far my most-wanted piece of jewelry this spring.”

Lab Grown Sapphire Tennis Bracelet Silver

Mejuri Lab Grown Sapphire Tennis Bracelet Silver

Multi Gemstone Station Bracelet Peridot

Mejuri Multi Gemstone Station Bracelet Peridot

Boyfriend Bold Bracelet

Mejuri Boyfriend Bold Bracelet

20mm Dome Cuff Bracelet Silver

Mejuri 20mm Dome Cuff Bracelet Silver

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