8 Best Western Shirts: Bring the Ranch to the Masses in 2024

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A staple of Americana, the Western shirt symbolizes quality, showmanship, fashion, and mythology of the West. Yeehaw to that. But you’re not here for a cultural lecture, are you? You’re here because you want to unlock the shirt’s potential either for its durability or the inimitable flourish it’ll bring to your wardrobe.

On either count, we’ve got the best Western shirts for you below.

But first of all, what is it? It is a shirt. (Well done, Harvey). Not a t-shirt, nor an Oxford shirt, nor a Hawaiian shirt. Generally, it is made of tough material (chambray, denim, twill, corduroy), and has a yoke (stylized cut of fabric) that is stitched over the shoulders, two front V-shaped pockets, and pop buttons.

The shape is a kind of intermediate between fitted (though popular if you’re looking for a certain campness) and not too loose, with a vague sense of shape.

So, why does it deserve a place in your wardrobe? As previously mentioned, when made from the right materials, the best Western shirts are rugged and durable. Plus, the styling options it brings are alluring.

Simply transitioning your Oxford shirt for a Western shirt will subtly uplift and liven that outfit because of the shirt’s strong identity and decoration.

Finally, despite the Western shirt’s having timeless appeal, the whole cowboy thing seems to be having a moment in fashion at the moment. Like with Gorpcore, it feels like if we can’t get back to nature physically, we are at least attempting to do so with our clothes.

So whether you’re hopping on the trend bandwagon or not, read on below for the best Western shirts.

Key Takeaways 

I’ve cantered through the dusty hellscapes of e-commerce to bring back eight of the best Western shirts this website has ever seen. I have read and noted customer concerns, enthusiasms, and opinions. I have visited various stores to let my fingertips feel the essence of the Western shirt. Finally, I got it down to the eight finalists you see here.

Overall, my top pick among the best men’s Western shirts is the Drake’s shirt because it deftly pushes the Western shirt into a modern, louche form. That is its key differentiator.

It also scores highly on other things I was seeking when writing this article. It uses excellent quality cotton fabric and comes in an enticing hue. I also considered style, customer reviews, brand reputation, availability online, and affordability.

The runner-up among the best men’s Western shirts is the Ely Cattleman shirt for its enticing style at an affordable price.

Our Top Picks

man in a cowboy hat in-front of a herd of cows
wrangler / Instagram

Tops among the best Western shirts: Drake’s Navy Corduroy Two-Pocket Western Shirt

Why it’s great: Ever wanted to know what it’d look like to both unfurl and refine the Western shirt at once? The multi-directional needle cord marries a smart design with heft and durability.  That’s the refined part of the shirt.

Meanwhile, the billowy silhouette, the gregarious double-button barrel cuffs, and the large mother-of-pearl button-up buttons bring about a cool nonchalance.

Who is this for: Whack on some cowboy boots from a reputable brand and a cowboy hat. This shirt will then propel you into becoming a sort of Beat-poet who summers on the ranch. For those who want to give their laid-back style a spice of Western Americana.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The orthodoxy will say it’s not a Western shirt.

Material: 100% cotton needlecord | Sizes Available: XS–XXL  | Colors Available: 2

Ely Cattleman Men’s Long-Sleeved Stripe Western Shirt

Why it’s great: Well, well, well. I was not expecting to discover nice, needle-pushing styles on Amazon, but here we are. I’m a fan of how the yoke stripes and pocket stripes are in diagonal unison. Meanwhile, the body of the shirt and collar use vertical stripes, and the collar uses horizontal.

These are small details, but they have an outweighed effect on the overall aesthetic.

Who is this for: I see this as smart-casual ephemera – ideal for a mid-weight restaurant, a friends’ party, clubbing (people still do that?), or going out to a bar.

I recommend pairing it with some cord pants in a light tone (bronze/gold, light brown, or beige) and brown boat shoes, like these Timberlands and cream socks. It’s a style I rocked over Christmas and loved it.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The different directions of the stripes might annoy someone with OCD. Or, you could just not be into it. Equally valid.

Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton | Sizes Available: S–4X  | Colors Available: 4

Palm Angels Logo-Embroidered Denim Western Shirt

Why it’s great: This is one of the best Western shirts. It is the Western shirt reaching its most desirable, expensive, and stylish form. Fight me (or just send a vitriolic email).

Let’s get into the details. The billowy silhouette = modern, on-trend, forgiving, and cool. The angled, almost minimalist yokes = modern. Button pairings = innovative and chic. The little embroidered Palm Angels logo patch on the front = subtle but very cool.

Who is this for: If you’re into making streetwear fashion statements – not in a desperate-for-attention kind of way, but more hmm that’s a nicely put-together outfit way – then, this is the shirt for you. Try wearing them alongside some other loose-fitting trousers, suit pants, chinos, jeans, and large(-er) dimensioned shoes.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It does have details that steer it away from strictly traditional. Plus, it is expensive.

Material: 100% Cotton  | Sizes Available: M–XL  | Colors Available: 1

Wrangler Cowboy Cut Short Sleeve Classic Work Western Workshirt

Why it’s great: The clue is in the name: Wrangler. It’s a brand that has built on the sweaty backs of working America. This shirt is no exception. The short sleeves are great for summertime or “fair-weather” wranglers.

But everything else is as traditional as it comes: shoulder yokes, pop buttons, dusty color, and cotton fabric. There’s a wide and inclusive range of sizes available for this shirt, too.

Who is this for: This one’s giving real cos-playing National Park warden vibes. Whack on a hat, go buy a Japanese pickup truck, and get acquainted with trespassing laws because that’s the life that’s coming for you.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is one of the best Western shirts, yes. However, the short sleeves are good for keeping cool but bad for potential tick bites. That’s where my paranoid brain goes.

Material: 100% Cotton  | Sizes Available: S–2XT  | Colors Available: 1

Ralph Lauren Garment-Dyed Denim Western Shirt

Why it’s great: We’ll get onto the product, but first of all, Ralph Lauren uses an Indigenous model in this e-commerce shot. We salute that.

This simple black-dyed denim shirt is the essence of a Western shirt. It’s constructed from a rugged fabric, has pop buttons, and uses stitching as a way of design. That’s why it’s one of the best men’s Western shirts.

Who is this for: For those who want to keep it real. Ralph Lauren is a trusted and respectable brand, and this shirt is honoring the Western shirt in the most truthful way possible.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I find an all-black shirt to be on the Gothic end of styling. Although I’m not immediately drawn to it, I see its appeal when mixed into other elements of an outfit.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes Available: XS–XXL | Colors Available: 1

Todd Snyder Corduroy Western Shirt in Caramel

Why it’s great: The rich caramel tone of the corduroy cements this as one of the best men’s Western shirts. The fabric alone is enough for me to hover over the “add to cart” button.

The miniature scale of the cord gives the fabric a soft, almost smoothed-out finish, like a sartorial little hug! Elsewhere, pop-button details and minimalist yoke lend a chilled, authentic feel.

Who is this for: Guy Trebay of The NYT recently wrote about how Todd Snyder is the “righteous inheritor of Ralph Lauren’s mantle.” Appropriate to the best men’s Western shirts, he goes on to say, “Mr. Snyder… is just the man to play Pied Piper to consumers aiming to raise their style game without looking like rodeo clowns.”

Flaws but not deal-breakers: With 4.8/5 from reviewers, I could find only a minor drawback from one person, that it was “pricey”. But now it’s on sale, yay!

Material: 100% Cotton  | Sizes Available: XS–XXL  | Colors Available: 3

FRAME Western Yoke Denim Shirt

Why it’s great: This FRAME shirt utilizes the basic authentic form of the Western shirt. It comes in a mighty tough black denim fabric that is easy to style and constructed with 20% recycled cotton, which is a step in the right direction.

Furthermore, it has silver snap press studs, two front pockets, and a pointed yoke. It’s a 20% eco-Western shirt, and the prairies are grateful.

Who is this for: For those who are after quality of fabric as a primary concern. I like the idea of pairing this shirt with beige or off-white loose-fitting trousers and brown/dusty Boston clogs. Think architect lounging in his desert studio.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The one-dimensional feel is either genius simplicity or uninspiring. It depends on who you are.

Material: 80% cotton, 20% recycled cotton | Sizes Available: S–XXL  | Colors Available: 1

DSquared Western Shirt

Why it’s great: This wild paisley patterned Western shirt by DSquared takes the performative, ornamental, and decorous side of the Western cowboy tradition, packs it into a cannon, and fires it off into outer space. Dsquared has a range of zany Western shirts online, plus a load of Western-inspired accessories, such as belts and boots.

I chose this one to include in this list of the best Western shirts because of the thin and fluid fabric, which is unusual for a Western shirt. It’s a creative and playful reimagination of the original form.

Who is this for: This is an expression of your wild and rambunctious personality in shirt form. Or, perhaps compensation for a lack of vivacity. Who’s to judge? This shirt has real “going out” energy. One of the best Western shirts, it’s one for a wild night on the town with a good group of hombres.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Again, this is a departure from tradition. Paisley? On a Western shirt? It certainly has its core identity, and that’s not for everyone.

Material: 100% Polyester  | Sizes Available: 42–56  | Colors Available: 1

man in the kitchen preparing sandwiches
toddsnyderny / Instagram

Buying Considerations for the Best Western Shirts


Traditionally, the Western shirt opted for tough materials that could withstand a sandstorm or two. So, denim, chambray, cotton twill, corduroy, and even leather or suede. In its modern reimagining, as general standards of quality drop for cheaper items, the material isn’t as tough and won’t last as long.

We recommend pushing the budget a little to afford the longevity of the piece. But, thin doesn’t necessarily mean cheap and can offer breathability for the summer as well as experiments with polyester to bring about shiny, flowing textures that push the Western shirt into a new dimension of style.


A traditional fit would be neither baggy nor slim fit; it would have a little hint of a silhouette, but nothing more.

It’s worth noting that if you are a muscley man, opting for a slim-fit cowboy shirt does look quite camp. If that’s the look you want, more power to you, but it’s worth knowing that bit of information. A baggy-fit Western shirt is the shirt adapting to modern drapy styles, and damn does it look good.


Yes, it’s weird to discuss style inside such a limited and specific style of shirt. Yet, it’s important to know what you’re attracted to. Is it a traditional shirt you want? A modern interpretation? Short sleeved? Long sleeved? Corduroy? Denim? Silk?

And what will you be using it for? If you’re ranching cattle, you might opt for something different than someone looking to upgrade their “going-out style” for a night in Soho, London.

man in a navy corduroy shirt by drakes
drakesdiary / Instagram

How We Chose 

To the uninitiated, a Western shirt is a simple beast. And yet. It pays to know what a yoke is, what a double cuff looks like, and all the different types of corduroy.

I chose a wide span of different Western shirts to satisfy a wide range of thirsts. Although I varied prices, styles, materials, colors, shapes, brands, and e-commerce destinations. I also dug into some key areas a little further:

Company Reputation

Using my expert industry knowledge, I can sum up the general perception of a brand in recent years. This knowledge is derived through conversations with fellow writers, stylists, and editors, by reading voraciously and seeking out the views on forums such as Reddit.

Value for Money

Not only did I want to represent the span of price, but I also considered if an item was worth it. A $500 polyester Dsquared shirt might seem unreasonable. But for others, it’s a unique form of art, and the polyester is chosen for its aesthetic, texture, or drape. It’s a precisely engineered garment.


This is one of the most solid ways to know if a product is hitting home with an audience.


Generally, I favor naturally occurring, quality fabrics. So, all but two are pure cotton. Cotton is breathable, soft on the skin, useful for recycling, and generally durable and easily washable.

On both non-cotton products, I made the exception for a unique style. Since a product’s worth is measured in the cost per wear at the end of its lifecycle, buying something you like is important.

Why Trust Us?

When it comes to grooming and fashion advice, few voices are as trusted or as experienced as Harvey’s. With a rich history of contributions to FashionBeans, Harvey has cemented his expertise across a wide array of topics, from timeless style advice to the latest trends in men’s grooming.

In terms of the best Western shirts, Harvey has done the hard yards so you don’t have to, in the same way that he has in examining comfortable jeans and classic colognes.

Final Verdict 

I picked the Drake’s shirt as the best Western shirt. Its luxuriousness and debonair style pushed it above a very competitive field. Don this bad boy and channel Western Americana like no other.


    • A Western shirt must be constructed from durable material and have a shouldered yoke, pop-buttons, and two v-shaped front pockets.

      • There are no rules here, dear boy. A Western shirt can make a straight swap into an outfit for a regular shirt. This means all of the regular outfit options for a normal shirt apply. With one exception, it doesn’t work when heading into the formal end of tailoring. But perhaps that’s just a rule to be broken. Right?

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