Saweetie Talks Y2K Style, the Super Bowl, and New Music


Forget the mob wife trend, Saweetie perfected the look first with her signature “icy girl” branding. Today, the rapper is revealed as the new face of True Religion, starring in the famed denim brand’s spring 2024 campaign. In celebration, she spoke exclusively with

If you’re unfamiliar, an icy girl is, essentially, a bad bitch. A savage. A hustler. “She’s making money, spending money, getting it right back. That’s the icy girl,” Saweetie tells me. I ask her how she recognizes one in the wild. “Her vibe,” she says. “I know a real O.G. icy girl because of how she’ll come up, how she’ll talk, what she’ll be wearing.” So, what will she be wearing? “Probably something like a fur accessory. She probably has an icy chain on. Definitely a lot of lip gloss.” And, in classic True Religion fashion, the “Best Friend” songstress is all about low-rise jeans, especially cuts that flare at the bottom. Some might be intimidated by the comeback of low waistlines, but not Saweetie. In fact, she has a word of advice about how to rock the style. “I would wear the sticky panties that you stick in the front and the back, so that you can have a nice, clean, no-panty look…unless you have a really cute G-string.”

saweetie true religion

Courtesy of True Religion

Saweetie models True Religion’s spring collection.

“We very much believe that style is not just about what you wear; it’s a destination where confidence meets individuality,” adds Kristen D’Arcy, True Religion’s CMO. “Saweetie is the very embodiment of this main character energy.” For Saweetie herself, True Religion has always been an aspirational brand. She used to hang its advertisement pictures on her wall. So, starring in the new “Go There” campaign is slightly surreal. “Honestly, girl, I just can’t wait to put all the jeans in my closet,” she says. “I love when you have pieces in your closet that you can just throw on and go about your day.” For many of us, that’s precisely what denim is: reliable. True Religion’s spring collection includes very wearable cargo pants, vests, and flirty mini skirts.

Of course, I had to ask Saweetie about her long-awaited debut album, which is set to include existing hits like “Tap In” and “My Type.” While there’s no release date yet, she confirms it’s moving in the right direction and that the visuals are, in fact, done. “I’m really excited to see what the girls are gonna do with it because it really unlocks another level,” she says. “Like if you thought I was an icy girl now, just wait. It’s icy girl 2.0 as far as aesthetics.” When she isn’t working on her own music, the 30-year-old says she has Afrobeats on repeat and is manifesting the chance to perform at an Afrobeat festival. Another goal? A Karol G collaboration. “She feels fire to me.”

As a San Fransisco Bay area native and lifelong fan of the 49ers, Saweetie is more excited about this weekend’s Super Bowl than she is about Valentine’s Day. She says she’ll probably have no voice left by the end of the night. And as for her February 14th plans, she’s “waiting to see what the best offer is.” And that, ladies and gentleman, is an icy girl.

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