10 Minutes Is All You Need For This Family-Friendly Cardio Session


This cardio session may be short, but it’ll still challenge your body in the moment. Using dance-inspired movements, fitness instructor Rachel McClusky leads you through a family-friendly routine designed to target the upper body, lower body, and core. No matter your age, this is a fast-paced program everyone in the family can enjoy, moving to the beat while breaking a sweat.

McClusky begins with a brief dynamic warmup, waking up the body with a series of leg-focused movements, including pulsing lateral lunges and high-energy knee drives. From here, it’s straight into the upper body, starting off strong with a standing arm sequence (no weights necessary). Engaging the core, you’ll press up with your arms and activate your shoulders, jumping to fire up your heart rate even further. “These work really fast,” McClusky promises, and she’s not kidding. “If you’re doing this with your family, give them a little cheer on, say, ‘Yes we can!'”

The final segment is an upbeat dance cardio series filled with hops, grapevines, and exaggerated arm movements. “I promise we’re just going to have some fun, get our heart rates up and dance together,” McClusky says. Bonus points if the workout ends in an impromptu dance-off. Show off your moves and don’t miss new episodes of Class Fitsugar, now every other Sunday on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.

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