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Don’t let the name fool you. Beardbrand isn’t just about facial hair. Sure, that was the idea when it started in 2012, but it has evolved; just like Charmelon’s glo-up to the fire-blasting Charizard (shout-out the 90s kids).

Now committed to helping every man strengthen his grooming roster in more ways than one, it uses high-quality, time-tested ingredients to provide a range of essential products—from premium beard oils that turn scruff into silk to styling pastes that make you the Michelangelo of haircare.

Join me as I dive deep into the Beardbrand portfolio, taking a closer look at why this confidence-boosting brand should be considered by every guy that’s serious about becoming the person they’ve always wanted to be.

Disclosure: beard is optional.

product shot for Beardbrand

Key Takeaways

Get ready for a hair-raising revolution, my beard-loving friends. Whether you’re taming your tash or moisturizing your mop, Beardbrand has you covered. Keep reading as I explore its ever-expanding grooming galaxy, highlighting the very best products for happy hair and skin more satisfied than Daryl Dixon with a crossbow.

Our Favorites

Beardbrand Utility Beard oil

An award-winning product made with natural Abyssinian, jojoba, castor, and babassu oils, this is a do-it-all formula that not only rejuvenates your beard, but moisturizes skin, softens hair (pre-shave), and reduces irritation (post-shave). You can also use it as an under-eye serum to help with dark under-eye circles or puffiness. It’s available in three fragrances: Old Money, Tree Ranger, and Temple Smoke.

Beardbrand utility paste

Beardbrand believes grooming products should help simplify routines and create better habits. Which explains why the Utility Balm is so god damn versatile. Made from natural ingredients, it can be used as a daily beard conditioner, deep-conditioning hair mask, tattoo moisturizer, hair styler, eye serum, and more. Lightweight and available in all of the brand’s sweet-smelling fragrances, it has that melt-in-your hand consistency and absorbs into your skin or beard before you can say mustache.

Beardbrand Utility Wash

??Your beard goes through a lot. From this morning’s breakfast crumbs to the lingering aroma of last night’s pizza, it’s basically a culinary crash on your face. But here’s the deal: your beard isn’t just a flavor saver, it’s a statement of style. Which is why a quality beard wash (like this one) is vital. Featuring no harsh sulfates with a nose-pleasing scent (choose from three), it has coconut-derived cleansers that are gentle enough for your beard, as well as your hair and face. Better yet, should you be light on shower gel, you can use it on your body too.

Beardbrand cologne

I’ve touched upon this already, but Beardbrand’s products smell seriously good. In fact, they smell so good that an Eau de Parfum was made. At the time of writing, only Temple Smoke and Four Vices are available, but there’s also Old Money once it’s back in stock. Formulated from naturally derived, phthalate-free ingredients, each one is subtle yet strong enough to leave a lasting impression.

Beardbrand grooming kit

You’ve got the products, now for the kit. This marvelous beard box houses all the tools required to keep your hair and beard looking its bushy best. There’s a 100% boar’s hair brush (in three sizes), some trimming scissors, and two cellulose acetate beard combs (they’re limited edition) to ensure those strands are all going in the right direction.

Man spraying sea salt spray on hair

Personalized Style Advice

Beardbrand hasn’t only mastered the art of hair care—they also serve up a generous side of style wisdom. Picture this: you have a personal grooming sherpa guiding you through the labyrinth of beard styles, helping you discover the perfect look that complements your personality and face shape. Oh, and did I mention it’s all done over text?

Beardbrand’s Senior Style Consultant, Sylvester Louis Castillo (you can call him Sly), is the guy on the other end. He’ll hook you up with insider advice to help you achieve your style goals and take your beard game to the next level.

Here’s how it works:

1. Text “STYLE” to 512-879-3297

2. Give some general information about the advice you’re after

3. Sly will message you back with his personalized style advice

4. You can then reach out to Sly whenever you need help

5. Remember, keep it grooming-related. He’s not going to tell you what to have for dinner (although he might)

Three Reasons to Love Beardbrand

Beardbrand’s products kinda speak for themselves, but there are many other reasons why you’re going to love this grooming god. And while you’ll find out all about them pretty soon enough, I’ve listed three of them below:

Free Shipping

I’m not exactly sure why, but nothing kills your shopping mood quite like having to pay for delivery. Thankfully, Beardbrand’s grooming goodies come with free shipping for US customers who spend $75 or more.

Swaps Are Free

You don’t always find your perfect match the first time around. And Beardbrand is totally cool with that. They’ll let you change your product (free of charge, net the difference in product costs) for something else, should you find it’s not quite right.

Five-Star Reviews

What’s the word on the street about Beardbrand? Well, it’s nothing short of a five-star symphony. Join the chorus of over 7,000 satisfied customers who have given them a five-star rating, raving about the transformative power of Beardbrand’s grooming wizardry.

bottles of utility softener and utility wash by beardbrand

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a veteran Viking or just beginning your facial hair journey, Beardbrand is the clued-up compass guiding you to ultimate grooming greatness—offering not only top-tier beard products but an entire arsenal for the modern man.

From the silky embrace of their signature beard oils to hair styling pastes, skincare essentials, and fragrances, they are the one-stop destination for elevating your entire self-care routine. They even serve up expert advice with the help of Sly.

What I’m trying to say is, if you’re ready to upgrade the contents of your bathroom cabinet while sculpting some stubble or softening skin, Beardbrand is your trusted companion for boosting confidence and becoming the very best version of yourself.


    • Beard oil is designed to nourish, moisturize, and soften facial hair and the skin beneath it. It helps to hydrate the skin, preventing itchiness and flakiness commonly associated with growing a beard. It also adds a lustrous shine. Beyond its cosmetic benefits, beard oil can contribute to a healthier beard growth by reducing split ends and promoting a comfortable, well-groomed look.

      • Beardbrand’s Utility Beard Wash is a game-changer. Formulated to cleanse your beard without drying it out, it gently removes dirt, grime, and odors while maintaining the beard’s natural moisture balance. Not forgetting it smells great too.

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