A Brand For The Bold: 6 Shinesty Favorites For Men in 2023

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Why blend in when you can stand out like a disco ball at a funeral, right? Whether you’ve always given the finger to conformity or you simply want to start pissing off your parents, you’re going to love Shinesty.

Bold and boisterous, the audacious fashion brand was founded in 2014 by Chris White and Jens Nicolaysen. Born from the belief that life is far too short to wear boring threads. Their focus remains on underwear, but they proudly peddle everything from neon ski suits to Christmas pajamas. And it’s all aimed at the daring souls who refuse to be just another face in the crowd.

Join me as I delve into the wonderfully wacky world of Shinesty, helping you take the world by storm—one outrageous outfit at a time.

Key Takeaways

Who wants to be a penguin when you can be a peacock? I mean, there’s a reason you remember Lady Gaga and Elton John. OK, admittedly they’re quite good at that music business. But what about the outfits?

If you’re ready to follow their lead and become the king of individuality, keep reading as I take you through Shinesty’s catalog of outlandish pieces—from eye-catching undies to sweaters you could spot from space. By the time you’ve reached the end, you’ll be using the fashion rulebook as a coaster for your martini.

Our Favorites

Shinesty Model in Ball Hammock underwear
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Shinesty Favourites

Ball hammock underwear

If you’re anything like me, finding a decent pair of undies is no easy feat. They’re either too baggy, too tight, or ride up so far up your leg you can almost taste them. So imagine my sheer delight once I found out about Shinesty’s Seattle Skyline.

Softer than a kitten’s belly after a bubble bath, these Ball Hammock® boxers will cradle your family jewels and stop them swinging like a monkey on acid. Ultra-supportive and anti-bunching, they’ll also wick away sweat and keep your downstairs fresh—all while enhancing your bulge for a super serotonin boost. They’re available in a range of in-your-face designs, but I’ve picked out this modest pair on black marble.

Shinesty Busch Sweater

You can belt out Mariah’s Christmas classic until the cows come home, but nothing quite gets you in the spirit of putting on a festive sweater. And guess what? Shinesty has quite the collection.

Inspired by Busch beer, this one is going to be my go-to for the big day (and probably the office party too). It’s been labeled ‘ugly’ but I think it’s great. So, grab yourself a bottle (or two) and wear it with jeans and patterned socks as you stuff your face with chocolate and watch rubbish movies until you fall asleep.

Shinesty 70s Suit

Having worked in the tailoring business for the majority of my career, I probably appreciate a good suit more than most. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t also get on board with having a little fun. And that’s exactly what this funky number is all about.

Whether you have a 70s-theme birthday party or want to upstage the groom (not recommend), it’s an eye-catching option that’ll ensure all eyes are on you. And while it’s clear you shouldn’t take it too seriously, the quality is actually bang on and the fit is impressive too.

Hawaiian Shirt Shinesty

Forget about mama’s special hot sauce, a vibrant shirt is the real secret ingredient for making your BBQs legendary. Pop on this colorful number with a pair of shades and some denim shorts and people will be forever telling their grandkids how they once knew the undisputed grill master.

When you’re not wearing it while flipping burgers, it’ll add a little humor to your style and definitely make your vacation pics unforgettable. Better yet, you’ll always have something to rely on for those Hawaiian-themed parties.

PJ Shinesty shirt

My idea of a fun Saturday night has changed. It was once all about dancing on sticky dance floors and throwing up on the way home. Now, I’d much rather slump on the sofa with an arsenal of sugary snacks and my favorite series on the box.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I’ve found the perfect pair of pajamas to accompany me on my downtime slob fest. Ridiculously comfortable with an in-your-face Budweiser pattern, they even come with secret slots for your cell, snacks, and remotes. Awesome, right?

Shinesty Shorts

You may not take some of Shinesty’s products seriously (you’re not meant to), but the Lieutenant shorts really are no joke. As comfortable as a kangaroo on a bouncy castle, they’re made from a soft and stretchy material and come with a built-in hammock pouch that helps keep your sack secure. Ideal for working up a sweat, they’re breathable, cooling, quick-drying, and feature an anti-bounce phone pocket that magnetizes your phone to your leg.

The Shinesty Subscription

Instead of waiting until birthdays and Christmas to replace your hole-ridden boxers, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. And thanks to Shinesty, it couldn’t be any easier. With the brand’s subscription service, you can pick which underwear you like and how often you want it.

Once you’ve paid (that bit is essential), Shinesty will send you your first pair of pouch underwear, and then based on which option you chose, will continue to send new pairs throughout the year. If you don’t like what they send you, they’ll happily swap them. Oh, and did I mention you’ll be saving up to 35% per pair? Plus, if you change your mind, you can cancel at any time free of charge.

Two models on couch in Shinesty Underwear
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Final Verdict

In a world filled with fellas following fashion by the letter of the law, Shinesty is the breath of fresh, vibrant air we’ve all been craving (even if we didn’t realize it). Founded by visionaries who have redefined style by pushing the boundaries of the ordinary, the label offers a range of eccentric clothing that exudes humor, individuality, and a fearless embrace of the unique.

So, why should you consider Shinesty? Because, in a world that often takes itself too seriously, this brand reminds us all that fashion should be fun—encouraging you to be the life of the party, the center of attention, and the leader of your fashion parade.


    • Shinesty is a fashion brand known for its wildly unconventional and humorous clothing, offering everything from flamboyant suits to unique swimwear. Founded in 2014, Shinesty encourages customers to embrace their inner fashion maverick and stand out from the crowd.

      • Shinesty underwear is bold and playful, offering a fun and unique twist on men’s and women’s underwear. The brand’s customers appreciate the comfortable fit, support, and eye-catching styles, making it a great choice for those looking to add some excitement to their underwear collection.

        • Used on Shinesty’s underwear, a Ball Hammock® is designed to provide support and comfort for the male genitalia. It features a specialized pouch that holds the testicles separately from the rest of the body, reducing friction, chafing, and promoting airflow. This design aims to prevent discomfort during physical activities, reduce heat-related issues, and offer an ergonomic fit for improved comfort and support.

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