50 Funny Christmas Gifts For Everyone on Your List

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Funny Christmas gifts are one of the best ways to show someone you care while contributing fun energy to the overall holiday spirit. If you’re the type of person who struggles every year to come up with gift concepts during the holiday season, gag gifts might be your ticket to best-gift-under-the-tree this holiday season. 

There’s no doubt that people love thoughtful and serious gifts for Christmas, but unique funny gifts can be just memorable to that special (or not special) someone. The most important part of a funny Christmas gift is making the recipient actually laugh, you’re guaranteed a dud if they can see the joke from a mile away. 

To make sure that you skip the overdone gag gift this year our editors have put together a long list of unique funny gifts that are worth the gag. Whether you are trying to find funny gifts for men, gifts for her, or funny Christmas gifts for friends, this list will have you covered. 

Naturally talented comedians need not apply, this list of 50 funny Christmas gift ideas has a good chance of making you laugh your way through the holidays.

Key Takeaways

This year, elevate your holiday cheer with our expertly curated list of 50 funny Christmas gifts that promise to be the talk of the season. From the chuckle-inducing Bob Ross Toaster to the hilariously practical Fake Beer Belly Fanny Pack, our selection caters to every sense of humor.

These gifts aren’t just amusing; they’re thoughtful and unique, ensuring your present stands out under the Christmas tree. So, if you’re looking to add a dash of laughter to your holiday gifting, our list of funny Christmas gift ideas is your go-to guide for spreading joy and jolly good laughs!

Our Top Picks

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Who doesn’t feel soothed at the sound of Bob Ross’ voice as he painted happy little clouds? Let that calming effect wash over you and your recipient enjoy a hilarious piece of toast. The perfect funny Christmas gift if you want to enjoy it as well. 

Bob Ross Toaster, Funny Christmas Gift


Funny coffee mugs, one of the classic funny Christmas gifts for men, and are always wallet-friendly, so you’ll be laughing too. This prescription-designed mug is the perfect script for the coffee addict in your life. 

Funny Christmas Gift


This fake beer belly fanny pack is another great gag gift idea for any of your beer-loving friends. The printing practically looks real and will guarantee that whoever you give it to will get a lot of laughs.

Fake Beer Belly Fannypack


This calendar is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a funny day-to-day calendar with advice for sounding smart in everyday settings (including the office). Add this funny Christmas gift to the list for the office clown and get a few rounds of laughter together. 

Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings Calendar, Funny Christmas Gifts


This gift comes with a tiny goat figure that screams every time you press it and makes for a hilarious and low-cost gift. It also comes with a little book filled with goat facts and other fun trivia, a perfect fit for your animal-loving friends!

Screaming Goat, Funny Christmas Gift


Real piercings are a commitment and not the kind of gift you would ever give someone as a joke. But these joke/fake piercings are a great way to give someone a fun and low-key gift. They can experiment with the look of piercings without committing to anything or try a new funny placement and fool your buddies. 

Emergency Piercings, Funny Christmas Gifts


When it comes to funny Christmas gifts for men, we cannot think of anything more perfect than something toilet-themed. This gift is a mini putting green that allows someone to practice their putting skills while on the toilet, however, this might increase the time the bathroom is in use, buyer be warned. 

Toilet Putter, Funny Christmas Gift


Nothing quite like belting out that famous song lyric wrong to get a laugh going, this coaster set is the perfect gift for the wanna-be rockstar of your group. Embracing their ‘special’ sense of humor might give them even more ideas but use the coasters to your advantage and spark a round of ‘mistaken lyrics karaoke’ to get everyone in on the fun.

Mistaken Song Lyric Coaster, Funny Christmas Gift


A classic angle for a funny Christmas gift is to take something that is usually sweet and add a dash of dry, dark humor. These ‘Misfortune Cookies’ are designed to bring a little sinister twist to the classic cookie, not for the easily offended. Dyed black, these sweet treats will also leave your teeth black for an extra funny Christmas gift trick.  

Misfortune Cookies, Funny Christmas Gifts


It seems that everyone has a love/hate relationship with dad jokes. They’re so bad but most of us can’t help but get a good laugh from them. This book filled with cringe-worthy dad jokes is a great funny Christmas gift for a round of half-laughs and eye-rolling. 

Bad Dad Jokes Book, Funny Christmas Gift, Best White Elephant gifts



Netflix? Hulu? Disney? Having so many different streaming platforms and seemingly endless options on each it’s hard to make a choice. If you know someone with a chronic indecision problem these dice could be a great funny Christmas gift to nudge them to finally choose something. With over 216 combinations, it will be a while before you have to look up ‘best things on Netflix to watch’ once again.

Streaming Dice, Funny Christmas Gifts


Everyone has had the experience of their homemade tacos falling apart on their plate or in their hands. These dinosaur taco holders are a light-hearted funny Christmas gift that works great for White Elephant parties, younger family members, or your loyal taco Tuesday crew.

Dinosaur Taco Holders, Funny Christmas gifts


If you spend any time on social media, you probably know that memes have become an art form. Much like Cards Against Humanity this game forces you and your friends to pair meme-worthy pictures with the perfect caption, you’ll definitely find something to giggle about.

What Do You Meme, Funny Christmas Gifts


This burrito blanket is the perfect way to blend uniqueness and caring into one funny Christmas gift idea. The reversible design is soft fleece, making it ideal for turning oneself into a cozy little burrito, no Uber eats delivery fee required.  

Burrito Blanket, Funny Christmas Gift


Candles are an overdone gift idea, but funny candles will always hold up to the match. Try a new twist on a classic Christmas gift for the fed-up person in your life, the aromatherapy might even help them calm down. 

Last F Candle, Funny Christmas Gift


This may be more fun than funny but you could add a couple of laughs by watching the show while you do the puzzle. With 500 pieces it’s not too difficult to not have fun and not too easy you won’t have a few head-scratchers while you laugh about your fav Office moments. 

The Office Puzzle, Funny Christmas Gift


Yes, coloring books are typically for children, but this adult coloring takes a different approach to stickers. Nothing childish about coloring in a picture of wine while also having a drink or two. Jokes aside, coloring is a great way to relieve stress through the holiday season. 

Adult Coloring Book, Funny Chirstmas Gift


Socks are a popular gift around the holidays, upgrade the traditional gift to a funny Christmas gift by customizing specifically for the person. Help turn anyone’s feet into various animal paws and claws, including dogs, zebras, dinosaurs, and eagles.

Animal Feet Socks, Funny Christmas Gifts


If you have any friends that are cult fans of the movie A Christmas Story, this lamp will be the perfect funny Christmas gift (assuming they don’t own one already). The Christmas Story leg lamp looks exactly as it did in the movie, making a great blend of funny and Christmas.

Christmas Story Leg Lamp, Funny Christmas Gift


If you have a sarcastic friend or family member, someone who would roll their eyes at the standard funny Christmas gifts filled with inspirational messages, you’ve found the gift for them. This day-to-day calendar is filled with pessimistic and uninspiring quotes that are guaranteed a little eye roll, even a small chuckle.

Uninspirational Calendar 2020, Funny Christmas Gift


Similar to What Do You Meme or Cards Against Humanity this game has a simple premise with big laughs. If every picture is worth a thousand words then these awkward family ones must be worth a million, especially if that special someone has a fun quirky sense of humor. 

Awkward Family Photos Game, Funny Christmas Gifts


If the beer gets cold we want it to stay cold right? Typically that wouldn’t mean putting a jacket on but we’ll make a special exception for these cool cans. Perfect for any puffer jacket-loving friends or even someone who’s up on the latest trends, this is sure to be a funny Christmas hit. 

Funny Beer Koozie, Funny Gifts for Men


These tiny army men are not doing quite what you would expect, look closely and instead of making war-like poses, they’ve perfected their downward dog. It’s a low-cost way to show someone that you care about their inner peace, which includes having a laugh at a funny Christmas gift. 

Yoga Army Men, Funny Christmas Gift


Do we even have to explain why this one is a funny Christmas gift? On a serious note, the potential for eye damage means this gift is not recommended for those under 12.

Slingshot Chicken, Funny Christmas Gifts


There can be a fine line between funny and passive-aggressive but this gift could help lighten the mood with your favorite ‘frenemy.’ Or maybe you’re looking to express yourself more in the new year, this gift could be the perfect ‘treat-your-self’ for the holidays. 

Passive Aggressive Notepad, Funny Christmas Gift


If the gift of a puzzle wasn’t getting you excited, then your friend who loves The Office might prefer this classic card game with a special twist. This is a traditional deck for playing UNO but with The Office’s graphics and a few special rules that only Dwight could think up. 

Uno Office Version, Funny Christmas Gifts


Have you ever had your socks delivered inside of a pizza box? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give your friend this funny Christmas gift experience. These pizza-themed socks come folded up and packaged within a real-looking pizza box, but we wouldn’t recommend heating them up before gifting them. 

Pizza Socks, Funny Christmas Gift


Slippers or slides are a great way to show someone that you care, but let’s be honest, they can be a bit boring. These hilarious fish slides are whatever the opposite of boring is, both comfortable and lightweight, it’s the whole funny Christmas gift package.

Fish Slides, Funny Christmas Gifts


Everyone loves stickers, adorn a water bottle, laptop or notebook, you can find a sticker to suit just about anyone. Luckily these stickers got an adult upgrade with funny slogans, poking fun at how hard it can be to do it all. Pair with a calendar and let your gift-receiver reward their mundane tasks with adulting stickers! 

Adult Stickers, Funny Christmas Gifts


Absolutely not practical in any way, but that’s what makes this gag gift so good. Help your favorite dad-joke-telling friend bring their overdone joke into the 21st century. This slapstick funny Christmas gift is also rechargeable for up to 10-hours of use and made from recycled plastic, peeling not necessary.

Banana Bluetooth Phone, Funny Christmas Gift


This gift is a fun and hilarious game that will bring groups together. It can accommodate up to 20 players, but a quick warning, it’s the naughty edition, recommended funny Christmas gift for your friends and family over 17.

Utter Nonsense Card Game, Funny Christmas Gifts


Especially if you know someone who was a fan of the book series, this parody cookbook is one of the more funny gifts for friends, especially the ones who can’t cook. Any novice in the kitchen will appreciate the humor. 

Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook, Funny Christmas Gifts


People love to be waited on hand and foot which makes sense why these socks with messages on the bottom are becoming more and more popular as a gag gift. These socks can be customized with different messages like beer, wine, donuts, ice cream, tacos, and more.

If You Can Read This Socks, Funny Christmas Gifts


This gag coffee mug is an excellent funny Christmas gift for any classically flatulent father. Whether it’s funny to you or not, we know a fart joke (almost) always lands. 

Best Farter Mug, Funny Christmas Gift


Beer with us, this book is a cheaper way to give your beer-loving friends a funny and thoughtful gift. It’s a riff on the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon, maybe now the brew-lover in your life can read their stock a good night story. 

Goodnight Brew, Parody Book, Funny Christmas Gifts


Got some friends not doing so well in the dating world? This umbrella, akin to the song lyrics, gives a new meaning to ‘it is raining men’ and may just be a fun way to poke some fun. It’s a high-quality umbrella so you can be assured they’ll stay dry when the men do come raining down.

Raining Men Umbrella, Funny Christmas Gift


This poster is filled with fancy-sounding insults pulled directly from the horse’s mouth, as long as that horse is ol’ Shakespeare himself. It’s the perfect funny Christmas gift for any of your friends who appreciate intelligent humor or are looking for some new-old ways to insult their enemies.

Shakespeare Insult Poster, Funny Christmas Gift


No way you can’t get a laugh for this one, great for an around-the-table funny Christmas gift. Add a fun card game with this and make the loser wear the hat for a fun holiday activity. 

Funny Christmas Gift Hat


Get a gift that can be durable and functional, the direct message on the front helps too. A great funny Christmas gift for anyone who appreciates direct and raunchy humor.

Funny Cooking Apron, Funny Christmas Gifts


Face masks are no stranger to us now, so why not have some holiday fun while keeping safe? Masks are the perfect territory for new and creative ideas or an easy way to incorporate some fun into the hardship of the last few years, no better way to get into the holiday spirit than this funny Christmas gift. 

Santa Face Mask, Funny Christmas Gifts


If a poster of only Shakespearian insults flew a little too high over your head, this insult poster blends many different literary classics for all levels of humor. Fun decorations for dorm rooms or bathrooms.

Literary insult Poster, Funny Christmas Gifts


When this (you know what “this” means) is all over, this survival gift will be a fun reminder of all the new things we had to learn, like how to get through an awkward zoom call or the laughs that were still shared while coping remotely. The kit includes functional ‘leave me alone I’m working’ items (earplugs, webcam cover) and fun ‘I can’t believe this is life’ desk items (conference bingo cards, fidget cube, toss coin: pants or pajamas? And a desk yoga guide). 

Work From Home Survival Gift, Funny Christmas Gifts


Your wine-loving friends or family will have to sweat it out eventually, why not give them a towel to remind them what they would rather be doing? A good bottle of wine can cost a pretty penny but this gift will leave you both financially stable and happy when you see the smile on their face when they know you got the perfect funny Christmas gift.

Wine Workout Towel


No matter how much your friend likes beer, they know deep down that they’re not drinking it for its nutritional benefits. That is what makes this beer glass so funny, and it’s a low-cost way to buy your friend a nice glass while giving them a laugh.

Funny Christmas Gift, Beer Glass


A watch can be a little bit of a passive-aggressive gift to a friend or co-worker who is always late but this handy clip watch comes with a bottle opener so when they do show up they’ve got the right tools (includes a LED micro flashlight too).  

Clip on Watch and Bottle Opener, Funny Christmas Gift


If you’ve gotten to a certain age, you’ve probably realized that your formal school education gave you a lot of useless knowledge. When was the last time you used the Pythagorean Theorem? This trivia game is filled with 400 random facts that your school never even thought of.  

Things They Don't Teach You in School Card Game, Funny Christmas Gifts


If you know someone that loves golfing and barbecuing, stop reading now and just buy this gift. It’s not often you can get a high-quality functioning gift with a gag feature to it.

Golf Club BBQ Set, Funny Christmas Gifts


Warning: This gift might be considered too raunchy for some. But if you know someone that appreciates ridiculous humor and maybe a cat or two, then this funny Christmas gift calendar will for sure make them laugh.

Pooping Cats Calendar


Plug-in and party, not much else to it – the disco ball size and versatility is what makes this gift a cute gag. Help a coworker spice up their Monday morning meeting or create a solo party while watching Netflix, the party light also has a bendable arm so you can point the party in any which direction that pleases the crowd (of any size). 

USB Disco Light


If you know someone who struggles with their in-laws, this is a perfect gift to show them some love while also relieving some awkward tension with this funny Christmas gift. The self-care kit includes a soothing bubble bath, cooling eye cream, refreshing pillow mist, earplugs, and an eye mask.

In-Law Survival Kit, Funny Christmas Gift


Final Verdict

We’ll even take a chuckle. Before reading this, you might have been a little unsure about gag gift ideas or funny Christmas gifts. But now, with insights like the charming Bob Ross Toaster and the witty Prescription Coffee Mug leading the charge, you’re armed with a plethora of options. Whether you’re searching for a unique gift for your sister, girlfriend, or even yourself? The gift guides are plentiful so you know we’ve got your back this holiday season. 

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