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So you’ve always been interested in the mullet haircut, and who could blame you? It’s better known as the “Business at the front, party in the back” haircut. The general vibe is a short cut on the sides with a longer length on top. The hair at the back is also long and flows down into the well-known classic ‘tail’. However, these particular men’s haircuts have a surprising amount of variations to choose from, we’re here to break them down for you. 

1. Modern Mullet Haircut

If the mullet has always interested you but you worry it’s a little too 80s, it’s your lucky day, because the mullet is back and bigger than ever. Even with the modern reboot, there’s a chance that the mullet your favorite celebrity rocked back in the day is relevant again. The new modern mullet has a long length on the top and back and the sides are slightly faded up, without too much of a tail.

Modern Mullet Haircut
@tsharperlines / Instagram

2. Short Mullet Haircut

Mullets don’t always have to involve long hairstyles. This look is subtle, there’s a simple fade between the long hair on the top and a short haircut on the sides with just a hint of an elongation towards the tail. 

Short Mullet Haircut
@silvy_dimitri / Instagram

3. Shag Mullet Haircut

The shag mullet hairstyle is “out there” that’s for sure. It’s messy and often roughly styled with wax or men’s pomade, the top and sides are long with a sort of bowl cut but the back is left long, but still messy, so it can touch the shoulders. 

Shag Mullet Haircut
@delilah_hair_studio / Instagram

4. Takuache Mullet Haircut

For this sleek look, hair around the forehead and face is combed forwards into a sharp line across the forehead and the hair on the side (before the ears) has a clean skin fade. The hair behind the ears and down the back is left long and straight.

Takuache Mullet Haircut
@edy_b_nice / Instagram

5. 80s Mullet Haircut

This is the “inspired by dad” mullet hairstyle. The hair on top is left long and shaggy and the sides are shaved down to the skin and blended into the top. The back is usually excessively long and often has a curly hairstyle look.

80's Mullet Haircut
@kotlumhair / Instagram

6. Curly Mullet Haircut 

This cut needs volume and depth to be successful. The hair on top, at the crown, and around the back is the same length while the sides are cut short, but not down to the skin, and is not faded into the top. 

Curly Mullet Haircut
@frazerhair / Instagram

7. Faded Mullet haircut 

This has a lot of fading, the sides and around the back of the ears towards the base of the skull are all shaved. These sides are then faded into the long middle section of hair running down the middle and back of the head.

Faded Mullet Haircut
@adribarbeiro / Instagram

8. Reverse Mullet Haircut

This cut is exactly what it says on the tin, a mullet, in reverse, often also called ‘mop top’. The front of the hair is long and often straight down the side of the face, almost like a side fringe and the back is short and sometimes even completely shaved. 

Reverse Mullet Haircut
@zaebis.haircuts / Instagram

9. Jeff Wittek Mullet Haircut

Jeff Wittek is a comedian, but he’s made his mark in the hair world too. His cut is long and layered on the top with shaven sides that are not faded into the top hair. The long top flows backward into the wavy hairstyle at the back. 

Jeff Wittek Mullet Haircut
@jeffsbarbershops / Instagram

10. Korean Mullet Haircut

This cut needs volume, so having thick hair will work the best. The front is often long and becomes a fringe, the back is layered and the hair at the base is usually thinned out around the neck.

Korean Mullet Haircut
@richardmewengkang / Instagram

11. Mohawk Mullet Haircut

For this eye-catching look, the sides and around the back of the ears have a fade down to the skin. The remaining hair, the mohawk section, is long and usually straight, it runs from the hairline across the forehead, back and down the middle of the skull. The tail is usually left long and can reach extreme lengths.

Mohawk Mullet Haircut
@salonhairchi / Instagram

12. Clean Mullet Haircut

Much like the short mullet, this style is subtle and ideal if you aren’t sure if you want a mullet yet. The only difference is that this mullet has less of a fade on the side, creating a more natural look.

Clean Mullet Haircut
@talkingheadzsalon / Instagram

13. Country Mullet Haircut

Its name is taken from the majority of country singers that have had this look, the country mullet tends to have a medium length across the top and crown and with a subtle fade at the sides. Most importantly, the length from the crown and down is long and usually curly. 

Country Mullet Haircut
@karapetersonpro / Instagram

14. Redneck Mullet Haircut

Often combined with a mustache or some sort of facial hair. The hair on the sides and around the back of the ears is shaved nearly down to the skin while the hair at the crown is brushed down to meet hair at the back is which is left long and curly.

Redneck Mullet Haircut
@gregorythomashair / Instagram

15. Morgan Wallen Mullet Haircut

Morgan Wallen has an almost country mullet, probably because he’s a country singer. The top is long and swept back and the sides are short but not shaved. His cut has more body towards the back and around the neck which is more noticeable from the front view.

Morgan Wallen Mullet Haircut
@morganwallen / Instagram

16. Permed Mullet haircut

This cut needs longer hair for the perm to work correctly and then layers down the pack to give it an extra punch. Usually, the sides are shaved too and faded into the top. The perm adds volume and texture to the look.

Permed Mullet Haircut
@thebosofbeauty / Instagram

17. Soft Mullet Haircut

This is another option for someone that wants to get a mullet, but not an overly visible one, it’s soft and subtle. The overall length of the hair is roughly the same and the sides are ever so slightly shaved with a gradual blend into the top. 

Soft Mullet Haircut
@annanewcombe_hair / Instagram

18. K-pop Mullet Haircut

K-pop has long been known for its variety of mullets styles over the years, they’ve gone from soft to bold to edgy and back again. The baseline mullet tends to be a straight cut across the forehead, shaved sides that aren’t blended into the top, and a long length down the back until the neck.

K-Pop Mullet Haircut
@coteminam.sawyerchua / Instagram

19. Tapered Mullet Haircut

These mullets are very bold at the front, often with a boxed sort of cut around the hairline. The most important detail is the tapering or fading of the sides into the top part of the hair.

Tapered Mullet Haircut
@devthebarber_cmb / Instagram

20. Flat Top Mullet Haircut

More often than not, from the front angle, this look resembles the common short sides and straight top cut, until you turn to the back. The hair in this mullet is much longer towards the back and definitely relates to a traditional mullet. 

Flat Top Mullet Haircut
@good_ol_barbershop / Instagram

21. Mullet Wolf Haircut

The wolf cut is a messier version of the mullet, the hair is layered around the face and there are no short sides. The layering continues around the head to create volume and the hair is thinned out towards the tail. 

Mullet Wolf Haircut
@danieljsoller_liquid / Instagram

22. Classic Mullet Haircut

The classic mullet has a layered top with lots of volume, often using some form of product (try men’s hair mousse), that’s then swept back and down into a curly, but voluminous tail, at the back. 

Classic Mullet Haircut
@mensdeptbarbershop / Instagram

23. Layered Mullet Haircut

Getting layers always helps give thinner hair some volume. The difference in the length adds texture and that tends to be the general look of a mullet. Having several layers added to the back will give you that ideal mullet look. 

Layered Mullet Haircut
@mancavebarbershopaus / Instagram

24. Mullet Haircut with Shaved Sides

This style has become more and more popular in recent years, the shaved sides give the mullet an edgy and masculine look, very similar to the Edgar haircut‘s take on a mullet. The sides are completely shaved and not faded into the rest of the hair, leaving a bold separation line to create a striking contrast.

Mullet Haircut with Shaved Sides
@hall_salon / Instagram

25. Undercut Mullet Haircut

This look is slick and sleek. The idea of an undercut mullet is for the sides to be all one length and cut quite high above the ears but not faded into the top. The top of the hair is left long so it can be slicked back, spiked up, or combed over. 

Undercut Muller Haircut
@kjhairstyle / Instagram

26. Mullet Haircut with Bangs

The idea of a mullet with bangs is exactly what you would expect. It’s a traditional mullet (long top, faded sides, and a voluminous back and tail) but with a modern addition of bangs. The bangs can be a straight cut across the forehead or curtain bangs, whichever suits your style. 

Mullet Haircut with Bangs
@seamusokeeffe_ / Instagram

27. Mullet Haircut with Pompadour

This is a traditional mullet with a splash of extra fun on top. The sides are either shaved or faded to exaggerate the extra length on top. Using some matte wax you can achieve some serious volume in the pompadour haircut which makes this particular style pretty eye-catching. 

Mullet Haircut with Pompadour
@talkaboutyourhair / Instagram

28. Spiky Mullet Haircut

Ideal for short but straight hair, the spiked mullet rocks the traditional 80s look. The top is cut short but layered and requires some strong hair gel to achieve the spikes. The crown is also layered to achieve volume and the back is left long down to the neck. 

Spiky Mullet Haircut
@joepeacockhair / Instagram

29. French Crop Mullet Haircut

A French crop is a cut that requires a straight ‘fringe’ to be cut across the forehead and the rest of the hair to be swept forward from the crown, the sides are shaved. From the back of the crown, it’s left longer to achieve the tail at the bottom of the mullet. 

French Crop Mullet Haircut
@camila_highstylebarberia / Instagram

30. Mullet haircut with a Faux Hawk

As you might have guessed, this cut is very similar to the mohawk mullet. The only difference is that with the faux hawk you don’t shave the sides, they are left slightly longer so it’s not as extreme but the length on top is still as long as the mohawk. 

@aahhairanastasia / Instagram

Mullet Haircut FAQ:

What is a mullet haircut?

A mullet is a haircut that is short on the sides and longer on the top and back, creating a ‘tail’ towards the base of the skull. The fringe can be down across the forehead or set upright. 

How to style a mullet haircut?

This depends on the variety of mullet you have but first focus on the fringe. You can set it down across the forehead if it’s short or up into a pompadour. Add wax to texture and volumize the back and tail. Remember to get regular haircuts to keep the shaved sides in check. 

What does a mullet haircut look like?

The mullet haircut resembles a mohawk due to the shaved or faded sides and the longer hair on the top and back. The traditional mullet has elongated hair towards the base of the skull thus creating the well-known tail. 

What does a bad mullet haircut look like?

Unfortunately, there are several ways a mullet can be cut wrong. If the sides aren’t properly faded into the top, this can look particularly messy. If the layers aren’t properly cut, it’s a very unforgiving look. 

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