When Will Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie Start Streaming?


Taylor Swift is flashing her credentials to the film crowd: After premiering her “All Too Well” short at the Tribeca Film Festival and announcing her upcoming feature directorial debut, her much-hyped Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour theatrical release is only the latest in a string of cinema-centric endeavors. But for those unable or unwilling to purchase a cheeky $19.89 or $13.13 ticket to see The Eras Tour on the big screen—or those who simply can’t wait to watch, rewind, and rewatch at will—the question looms: Will Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour follow in the footsteps of the singer’s other documentaries, landing in the arms of a streamer?

You can bet the major platforms are all too eager to host another Swift enterprise, but as of now, neither Swift nor any streamers have announced plans to make the concert film available on-demand. Considering both the artist’s Miss Americana documentary and her Reputation Stadium Tour concert film dropped on Netflix in 2020 and 2018, respectively, it’d stand to reason that Netflix might snap up The Eras Tour as well—but no such deal has been rumored, let alone announced. And it’s likely that, even if the film does reach such an agreement, it won’t stream until after Swift has completed her globetrotting tour at the end of 2024.

But breathe easy (and remember Swift’s a doctor now, so she “knows how breathing works”): There’s more than enough happening to keep fans occupied while they wait on the Eras Tour to find its streaming home. Swift’s got a new (Taylor’s Version) album coming out! She’s showing up at football games and selling piles of jerseys! She’s besties with Beyoncé! And she’s crossing the pond to shut down more stadiums! All is (all too) well in the Swiftie-verse—even if it’ll take a little longer for a streamer to join the party.

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