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When life gives you sexism, make lemonade—or lemon meringue, or lemon bars, or anything else a 1950s audience of “overlooked housewives” might be interested in watching being prepared on a TV cooking show. That’s certainly the attitude of Elizabeth Zott (Brie Larson) in Apple TV+’s adaptation of Bonnie Garmus’ hit novel Lessons in Chemistry, which follows scientist Zott as she’s forced out of a career in chemistry to host a cooking program. But it’s the ultimately the “overlooked housewives,” as the Lessons in Chemistry official log line describes them, who might have a thing or two to teach their husbands—beyond, of course, the right ratios of lemon juice to sugar. As the new series rolls out through late November, here’s when and how to tune in.

When do new episodes of Lessons in Chemistry come out?

After the first two episodes of the series arrived on October 13, consecutive episodes will land on the streamer on Fridays through November 24. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Episode 1, “Little Miss Hastings,” streaming October 13
  • Episode 2, “Her and Him,” streaming October 13
  • Episode 3, “Living Dead Things,” streaming October 20
  • Episode 4, “Primitive Instinct,” streaming October 27
  • Episode 5, “CH3COOH,” streaming November 3
  • Episode 6, “Poirot,” streaming November 10
  • Episode 7, “Book of Calvin,” streaming November 17
  • Episode 8, “Introduction to Chemistry,” streaming November 24

How can I watch?

Lessons in Chemistry is streaming exclusively on Apple TV+. To watch, you’ll need a subscription for $6.99 per month. Well worth the cost of admission to Zott’s cooking class!

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