Israel-Palestine: How to Help the Victims of Yesterday’s Deadly Attack


Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, launched an attack on Israel this Saturday, firing at least 2,200 rockets into the country and adding 500 or more to the death toll in a war that has carried on for decades.

The Israeli Defense Forces, in return, declared a state of war and retaliated with airstrikes.

Bloodshed is not something to take sides in. And a conflict that has gone on for centuries, killed millions of innocent families, and wreaked religious, political, and economic havoc in two populations, can only be described as a catastrophe that must find its resolution.

Below, a list of organizations calling for peace and helping the victims of this war.

ALLMEP is the largest network of Palestinian and Israeli peace builders. Donate here.

The Carter Center has been promoting peace in Israel and Palestine since the 1990s. “Through election observation, conflict resolution, and human rights work in the occupied Palestinian territory, The Carter Center has developed strong relations among key Israeli and Palestinian political leaders, electoral officials, civil society leaders, and human rights practitioners,” they say. Donate to their cause here.

The United Nations remains a neutral organization aiming to bring peace between the two territories. Donate here.

The International Red Cross provides assistance during times of crisis, and has pleaded for an end to the violence between Israel and Palestine. “In our role as a neutral intermediary, we are ready to visit anyone detained so we can check on their well-being and provide news to their loved ones,” the organization says. Help here.

Doctors Without Borders provides immediate medical aid during humanitarian emergencies. Help them save lives here.

International Medical Corps works with local health agencies and partners to provide emergency health services, gender-based violence services, and COVID-19 prevention services. Donate here.

Save the Children is providing resources to affected children. Donate here.

Direct Relief provides medical resources in vulnerable communities worldwide. Help here.

The International Rescue Committee is assessing needs on the ground and the organization’s capacity to ensure critical, life-saving humanitarian relief reaches affected civilian populations. Donate here.


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