A Hot Girl’s Guide to the Best Amazon Halloween Costumes


The best time of year is upon us. It’s the season for candy corn, slasher flicks, and letting cobwebs pass as decor (when really, you just need to dust). If you haven’t sorted out your Halloweekend outfits yet, don’t fret. We have lots of cute costume ideas here at ELLE, but I’m here to break down a few easy Halloween costumes from Amazon. Conveniently, the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days savings event is coming up on October 10 and 11, so you can score these items at an even better price.

These are mostly made of things you A) already own, or B) need to purchase but could totally re-wear. As much as I love costume stores, I’m not interested in buying a sexy Bob Ross getup because when could I possibly wear that other than this one day a year? If you’re looking for an affordable and simple look that’s still chic and Instagrammable, look no further. Here, find 10 easy Halloween costumes you can get on Amazon.


amazon halloween costumes

Silver Screen Collection

Iconic characters like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz tend to make for fantastic Halloween costumes that can be worn again. Judy Garland and this character will always be timeless, and thus a trusty option for that costume party. I personally have this gingham dress for my own dress-up purposes and can attest that it’s just as cute on October 31 as it is paired with white sneakers during the summer months. But as Dorothy, try these sweet ballet flats that are very much aligned with our favorite fall 2023 shoe trends.

Plaid Short Puff Sleeve Square Neck Shirred Mini Dress

Romwe Plaid Short Puff Sleeve Square Neck Shirred Mini Dress

Cotton Mary Jane Shoes

Easy USA Cotton Mary Jane Shoes

Straw Bag

Amazon Straw Bag

Now 35% Off

Princess Mia

amazon halloween costumes

©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection

As the song goes, “Miracles happen once in a while, if you believe.” The miracle I’m personally willing into existence is that I might do as good of a job as Hailey Bieber did when she dressed up as the girl next door-turned-princess Mia Thermopolis. It’s an all-time look for an all-time movie. And if you’re looking to make a group costume out of this, there are plenty of other endearing characters to rope your friends into (including Anne Hathaway’s pre-makeover look from Paolo).

Classic Witch

amazon halloween costumes


This might be a hot take, but here’s where I stand. Black cat ears: Basic. Witch: Failsafe. I can’t quite spell out the reasoning behind this, but I stand by it. A witch is a nod to the holiday’s very essence, as well as an homage to a long history of fierce women. Plus, this might be the easiest to throw together last minute. If you’re like me, you have ample black garments in your wardrobe to choose from. Make this the year you buy a pointy black hat and keep it on hand for all the Octobers to come. If you do actively practice witchcraft, even better (but it’s not a prerequisite).

Witch Broom and Hat Set

Jetec Witch Broom and Hat Set

Super Long Stretchy Ruched Mesh Tulle Sheer Gloves

Hazhlko Super Long Stretchy Ruched Mesh Tulle Sheer Gloves

Long Black Slip Bodycon Maxi Dress

LILLUSORY Long Black Slip Bodycon Maxi Dress

Betty Boop

amazon halloween costumes

Araya Doheny

She’s the blueprint for all the baddies. And she’s just plain cool as hell. If I had darker hair or could pull off a wig, this costume would be at the top of my list. Not only are her look and vibe totally sexy and chic, but Betty Boop is also not a very common costume. In the realm of cool girl costume dressing, uniqueness is a virtue. You aren’t likely to see a slew of fellow Betties, and if you did, that would actually be pretty rad.

Pink Panther

amazon halloween costumes


For the gals who aren’t sold on the idea of dressing up at all, might I suggest this uber-cozy option? It requires minimal effort and will keep you warm and comfortable while your pals shiver in their Little Red Riding Hood frocks. Personally, half the time I ditch a party it’s because I don’t want to change out of my sweats. As the Pink Panther, you don’t have to. And you get to pretend to be a jewel thief—how fun!

Princess Leia

amazon halloween costumes

CBS Photo Archive

Let me address the elephant in the nerd-filled room. A lightsaber wasn’t really part of Leia’s get-up—she was more of the blaster type—but I still think you can get away with this if for no reason other than recognizability. The dress and belt could easily be worn time and time again, and space buns are a simple enough hairdo. If you’re raiding your brother’s room to borrow the lightsaber he already owns, make sure it’s blue. This is your only hope of successfully clapping back at anyone who tries to mansplain that Leia didn’t carry a lightsaber. If someone gives you a hard time about this detail, just tell them to check their facts, because Leia technically does use a blue lightsaber to train with Luke in an episode IX flashback. (And thank you, to my boyfriend for all this information.)

Knitted Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

NIKDUCK Knitted Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Metal Chain Dress Belt

ILuvatar Metal Chain Dress Belt

7 Colors Lightsabers

Beyondtrade 7 Colors Lightsabers


amazon halloween costumes


You could lean into the Tinkerbell of it all if you’re so inclined, but you can also decide to be your own kind of pixie, whatever that looks like for you. Honestly, almost any cottagecore-adjacent outfit will do for this one. Floral dress? Sure. Just pop on those wings and call it a day. But I do draw the line at those pointy elf ear accessories; The best I can do is pointed-toe shoes. Final offer.

Nancy Drew

amazon halloween costumes

Jerry Weintraub Prods/Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock

Everybody dresses up as the Scooby-Doo gang. Skip Daphne or Velma, and instead go for the less overdone option of Nancy Drew, the original woman in STEM. Pretty much any solid-colored top or sweater will do the trick. Pair it with a pencil skirt or pedal pushers in true Nancy Drew form.

Elizabeth James from The Parent Trap

a person wearing sunglasses and holding the hands up


Elizabeth James is one of the top 10 onscreen mothers, according to no one other than myself. This low-lift idea comes from ELLE’s senior video producer Laura Hacker, and it requires hardly anything at all. The primary components are a button-down shirt, sunglasses, and a hair roller. You can decide whether you want to talk in a posh British accent and quote this Natasha Richardson character all evening, but I strongly recommend it.

Tanya from The White Lotus

amazon halloween costumes


Okay…I have a confession. I have not seen The White Lotus. I know, I know; I’m terribly out of touch. But not so out of touch that I would overlook such a glaringly obvious costume idea. Pop culture or current zeitgeist costumes can be a total trap because you risk looking like a bandwagoner. But I do believe that Tanya makes an excellent costume inspiration. For that matter, any Jennifer Coolidge character is an excellent idea.

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