Irina Shayk Will Reportedly Keep Dating Tom Brady If Bradley Cooper Won’t Seriously Commit to Her


Page Six got a little more clarity on if there really is a love triangle between Irina Shayk; Tom Brady, who Shayk has been dating casually this summer; and Bradley Cooper, her ex-fiancé with whom she shares 6-year-old daughter Lea de Seine.

A source told the outlet that Shayk actually is interested in marrying Cooper and having a serious, long-term future with him. “Years have been put into the relationship,” that source said. Page Six noted that Shayk and Cooper had privately explored reconciling last year.

If Cooper doesn’t want to “lock things down” with her though, Shayk will keep dating Brady and see where that relationship goes, a source told Page Six.

As for how Cooper is feeling about all of this, Page Six got mixed reports. While one insider said that Cooper was getting jealous of Brady and Shayk’s new relationship, another dismissed that idea. “[Shayk and Cooper] haven’t been together in so long,” that source said, referring to their June 2019 breakup. “They are co-parents, and that’s that. They are best friends. They are happy. Brad really likes Tom, and there is nothing but support.”

A separate source said the relatively newly-single Brady isn’t about to give any woman a big commitment. “Brady is not interested in being serious with anyone right now,” the source said. “His priorities are his kids and his business interests. There will be more supermodels in his future.”

Brady and Shayk were last seen on Monday, arriving within 10 minutes of each other at his New York City apartment. Neither Brady, Shayk, nor Cooper have commented on their relationship status.

Sources have, obviously, talked though.

One source told Us Weekly that Brady was feeling good about his relationship with Shayk on September 6. “Irina and Tom are still dating. Both of them are busy with families and their careers, but they enjoy each other’s company,” that source said. “Irina thinks Tom is a sweet, standup guy, and Tom feels at ease with Irina.”

A separate source told the same outlet on August 29 that Brady wasn’t concerned about Cooper. “Tom has no idea if Irina is still seeing Bradley, but it’s really none of his business,” that source said. “Tom and Irina aren’t in a committed relationship, so she’s free to see anybody she likes.”

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