BaByliss LoPRO FX Clipper Review: Insider’s Scoop For 2023

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The BaByliss LoPRO FX Clipper is a game-changer in the thrilling world of grooming. This elite gadget is notorious for its five-step click adjustment that controls cut length without attachments. This all-in-one, multipurpose clipper is a true innovation for men who value high-quality hair tools.

In this exhaustive review, we delve deep into this Clipper by carefully examining its impressive features, aesthetic design and overall quality. We’ll interrogate customer insights and potential alternatives. Rest assured that by the end of this article, you’ll be a LoPRO Clipper expert.

Whether you’re a professional barber, a DIY guy looking to upkeep a number 0 cut, or a home user searching for a reliable grooming tool, this review will surely determine if the BaByliss LoPRO clippers are right for you.

Key Takeaways

We reviewed countless BaByliss clippers, such as the Pro FX3 and the Gold FX, yet the LoPRO FX is a top-of-the-line grooming tool that sets itself apart with its impressive performance, sturdy build, and sleek design.

This Clipper’s multipurposeness and high quality makes it valuable to both professional barbers and home users who value quality grooming tools.

The LoPRO FX’s five-step taper arm consistently delivers crisp and clean cuts across various hair types. It also features a lithium-ion battery system that ensures freedom of movement so you can reach every corner without needing to recharge.

While the LoPRO clippers boast impressive features, they’re not perfect. Their most substantial flaw is the battery life, which isn’t as lengthy as other clippers. They are also more of an investment than other clippers on the market, something worth considering.

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BaByliss LoPRO FX Product Overview

BaByliss LoPRO FX High-Performance Low Profile Clipper

The BaByliss LoPRO Clipper is a standout product in the grooming market. Its high-torque, brushless engine lets it cut through hair swiftly and efficiently.

The Clipper is equipped with a low-temperature, close-cutting, zero-gap adjustable Graphite Wedge Blade that should cover all the bases for the at home user.

The original blade can be swapped for the GoldFX blade, a sleek, high-performance option perfect for barbers who want to impress with sharp, accurate trims. We find this opportunity for blade customization a huge value-add, especially for us grooming fanatics.

A unique attribute of the LoPRO FX Clipper is its lithium-ion battery system, which ensures over two hours of cordless runtime. The powerful battery means you can use it for extended periods without recharging, making it especially inviting to men on the move.

The Clipper’s five-position locking metal taper lever allows you to customize the length of your cut without attachments. This feature is super helpful for complex cuts and will save you precious time.

While this Clipper is great for grooming hair, the sharp zero-gap blade requires careful attention, so it’s not ideal for the body or close shaves on the face.

Key Features

BaByliss LoPRO FX High-Performance Low Profile Clipper

The BaByliss LoPRO FX has several features to enhance your grooming experience. Here are the standouts:

High-Torque, Brushless Engine: This engine ensures efficient and effective trims, making it a reliable tool for professionals and home users.

Graphite Wedge Blade: The zero-gap adjustable blade provides pristine buzzcuts, fades, and beard trims. However, consider replacing it with a GoldFX blade for enhanced performance.

Lithium-Ion Battery: The battery system provides over two hours of runtime, although it may not last a full day of heavy use if you plan on using it professionally. If you are a home user, two hours should be more than enough to achieve the fade you’re looking for.

Ergonomic, Aesthetic Grip Design: Available in black and three limited edition colors, the design includes an indent for the thumb, which provides a comfortable and secure grip for precise trimming.

Five-Position Locking Metal Taper Arm: The five-step clip adjustment facilitates accurate cuts, offering myriad styling options.

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The BaByliss LoPRO’s performance has broken our scale. It delivers sharp, clean lines and is effective across different hair types. What more could you desire in a clipper?

We are impressed by its quiet operation compared to most cordless clippers, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing others or yelling over the loud buzz in a barbershop.

Additionally, its graphite alloy blade doesn’t overheat, even after hours of use, ensuring a temperature-controlled grooming experience.

And our personal favorite: no more overnight charging. The LoPRO’s 3-hour charge time is minimal relative to other clippers, perfect for the forgetful bunch.

Design & Build

The BaByliss LoPRO FX Clippers captivate with their sleek aesthetics and polished black chrome finish. They are available in three vibrant limited edition colors: blue, red, and yellow.

Its all-metal housing ensures durability, and the knurled barbell grip provides a comfortable hold.

While slightly smaller than the original GoldFX, or what most people may be familiar with from the brand, the LoPRO becomes longer when the battery is attached, making it easy to adjust your grip and maneuver over extended grooming sessions.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers 

Despite its many advantages, the BaByliss LoPRO FX has a few drawbacks, such as its inconsistent battery life.

The Clipper tends to get hot after ten minutes of continuous use. Other users have had issues with the Clipper powering off during use or received products with defects.

The blades may also require replacement over time, an additional cost to consider but also standard for most clippers.

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What Customers Are Saying

Customers have lauded the BaByliss LoPRO for its high performance, durability, and sleek aesthetics. It is lightweight, comfortable, and offers a precise, smooth cut.

However, others have reported issues with battery life and the Clipper’s getting louder over time.

From one customer review: Looks, feels amazing. Well built. Only buy if you are going to cut hair as a profession. Too much for a dude that just wants to shape his beard. It’s too big and the accessories actually won’t let you (too long– you end up sticking it up your nose to cover the upper lip).

Chazz begs to differ: The best trimmer I have ever used. This trimmer was recommended to me by my stylist friend. I wanted very precise lines for my beard, which I groom often. This was such a tremendous upgrade from my previous Wahl trimmer!

There is no doubt that the LoPRO FX is a close-cutting, precise trimmer, but it might just be a little too exact for your average Joe.

Final Verdict

The BaByliss LoPRO FX offers quality performance, durability, and aesthetics that are hard to beat.

There are some downfalls, like any grooming tool, but if you’re looking for a supreme cut, these are the clippers to pick up.

While the LoPRO FX comes at a higher price than some competitors, its five-click adjustment, pleasant grip, and reliable performance make it a worthwhile investment for professional barbers and individuals seeking a high-quality grooming tool.

Alternative Options

If you’re skeptical about the clipper overheating, the battery power, or the blade longevity, consider alternatives to the BaByliss LoPRO FX Clipper, here are a few options:

BaByliss SnapFX Hair Clipper: This Clipper offers high-speed operation and a unique snap-in/snap-out dual lithium battery system for unlimited cordless runtime.

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BaByliss Pro FX3 High Torque Clipper: This Clipper boasts a high-torque motor for powerful performance and a lithium battery for long-lasting power.

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BaByliss Pro GoldFX Clipper: This Clipper features a durable metal body and a lithium battery for long-lasting power.

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BaByliss PRO Lithium FX Hair Clipper: This Clipper offers a lithium battery for extended runtime and various cutting lengths for versatility.

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