19 Lighthearted Gift Ideas For Your Boss 

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It’s no secret that finding gift ideas for your boss can be a bit of a challenge. Whether you’ve pulled their name in the Secret Santa, white elephant drawing or you simply want to show them you care, finding a gift that’ll make your boss happy might be easier than you think. 

With just a little creativity, internet access, and some spare time, you’re sure to find something right for your boss, regardless of their age, hobbies, or background. But, if you’re still struggling to find something, we’ve taken the internet scouring out of the equation–we’re confident that we’ve narrowed down some of the best gift ideas for your boss this holiday season. 

Make this journey easy on the brain and leave the stress for the boardroom meetings. Get ready to find the perfect gift for any boss.  

Why Should You Buy a Gift for Your Boss? 

A good boss is what holds the workplace together. And sometimes, you might want to do more than simply thank them for their hard work. If you want to show your appreciation in a way they’re sure to remember, finding the best gift ideas for your boss is an excellent way to do that. 

There are a few other instances where you’d want to buy your boss a gift, such as their birthday, holidays, or even their retirement party. No matter the circumstances, a great gift will help your boss hold fond memories of you in the years to come. 

What Makes a Work Appropriate Present? 

If you’re looking into gift ideas for your boss, you always want to make sure it’s work-appropriate. This can vary, however, depending on your boss’s personality and the type of place you work in. 

You’ll want to be careful with gag gifts, for instance; if you don’t have a close relationship with your boss, they can come off as offensive. And in most cases, you will want to avoid gifts with profanity or crude humor, especially if you work in a family-friendly establishment. 

Overall, the best work-appropriate present is fun, practical, and creative, but not overly personal. Sounds easy, right? 

Lighthearted Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Here are a few gift ideas for your boss that you can buy online! 

1. Some Tasty Chocolates

Honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate? If your boss has a fondness for sweets, consider giving them some Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate. 

This ethical Dutch brand has plenty of flavors to choose from, from plain milk chocolate to white chocolate raspberry. The bars are pretty big, too, so they’ll last quite a while, one of the best and tasty gift ideas for your boss. 

Tony's Chocolate Bars, Gift Ideas for Your Boss

2. Closed Warm Winter Beanie 

Just about everyone could use a new beanie, this one will be a guaranteed safe choice as one of the gift ideas for your boss. This one has a simple yet appealing design that’s always in style. It’s pretty durable too, so they can expect it to last for years to come. 

Make sure to find out your boss’s favorite color before purchasing this one because they have several options to choose from. 

Closed Hand Knit Beanie

3. An Aromatherapy Candle

While candles have become a somewhat predictable gift, most people enjoy getting them all the same, which means even for the tough-to-buy-for this is one of the safe gift ideas for your boss. After all, nobody can turn down something that smells like a warm kitchen and the outdoors (especially while inside the office). 

Stick with one candle for a small and simple gift, or go for a few different scents if you’d like a little more variety. 

Neutrale Candle, Gift ideas for your Boss

4. A Norse Projects Cashmere Ribbed Scarf

Why not go with more practical gift ideas for your boss? A toasty wool scarf is a must-have for the cold winter months. Pair this with a matching beanie or some gloves for a more complete gift. 

Norse Projects Cashmere Ribbed Scarf, Gift Ideas for Your Boss

5. Some Warm Socks 

Everyone’s always losing their socks, so no matter who you are–unless you’re under the age of twelve–most people are thrilled when they get a new pair of socks as a gift. 

You can either choose to keep it simple or opt for a cute and appealing design as thoughtful gift ideas for your boss. 

Closed Wool Socks, Gift Ideas for your Boss

6. A Practical Mug For Tea

If your boss is a big tea-drinker, this might be the mug for them. This stoneware mug comes with a little pocket on the side to hold a used teabag, so they won’t have to worry about over-steeping their tea or staining their desk. 

It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe, making this mug breakroom-friendly and one of those cute-but-safe workplace gift ideas for your boss.  

Special Tea Mug, Gift Ideas for your sister

7. A Starbucks Gift Card 

If your boss is particularly hard to shop for, a gift card might be the safest way to go. A card for a restaurant such as Starbucks or McDonald’s will come in handy, especially if they need a quick breakfast on a busy morning. 

Starbucks Gift Card, Gift Ideas for your Boss

8. An Adult Coloring Book 

These intricate coloring pages are great for practicing mindfulness and relaxation. If your boss has a creative side and needs some help chilling out every now and then, this might be one of the winning gift ideas for your boss. Be sure to pair this coloring book with some colored pencils or crayons.  

Adulting Coloring Book, Gift Ideas for Your Boss

9. Kerber’s Farm Homemade Jam 

Some delicious jam can be a creative and thoughtful gift for your boss. This sampler kit lets you choose between two to four different flavors. 

You can choose from standard flavors like apple or strawberry rhubarb, or go with something more unique such as Kerberry or fig. 

Kerber Farm's Homemade Jam, Gift Idea for your Boss

10. A Cozy Blanket 

A warm blanket is a perfect gift for everyone. After all, who doesn’t need a new blanket every now and then? 

With its soft and lightweight material, this blanket is a great addition to their home–or even their office, if you work in a chilly building. It’s thoughtful but not overly personal which makes these gift ideas for your boss a great choice. 

Cozy Blanket, Gift Ideas for your Boss

11. A Practical Desk Organizer 

Is your boss a little scatterbrained (but don’t tell them that)? This simple yet practical gift might be just what they need. 

This desk organizer includes seven different compartments to store their belongings and office supplies. Its simple design will fit right in with any room or office theme, too. 

Bamboo Desk Organiser, Gift Ideas for your Boss

12. A Bento Lunch Box

Everyone has to eat lunch, so everyone could benefit from a bento box. Whether they do intricate meal prep or simply bring leftover dinner for their work lunches, these can make a great boss gift. 

These handy stackable boxes are microwave-safe. They also won’t take up too much space in the breakroom’s refrigerator, a win-win as far as gift ideas for your boss go.   

Bento Lunch Box, Gift Idea for your Boss

13. Some Loose-Leaf Tea 

Tea enthusiasts will love this delicious gift set. You can choose up to four different styles of tea, from simple green tea to more complex herbal teas. 

And if the tea wasn’t enough, they also come in reusable metal tins. It’s eco-friendly and provides some potential storage for their office desk. 

Tea Sample Set, Gift Ideas for your Boss

14. A Keychain 

A keychain is a simple yet practical gift that your boss will love. The variety of keychains out there are endless, so you may want to consider your boss’s interests or favorite colors when you’re searching for one. 

Or if you’d like to play it safe, you can go with a keychain displaying a motivational message–you really can’t go wrong with that one of the classic gift ideas for your boss. 

Keychain, Gift Ideas for your Boss

15. Some Fancy Coffee

Do you rarely see your boss without a mug of coffee in their hand? Consider that some gift ideas for your boss inspiration. 

A delicious, whole-bean coffee blend can be a great gift for your caffeine enthusiast boss–just make sure they have a coffee grinder at home. 

Fancy Coffee, Gift Ideas for your Boss

16. A Terrarium Candle 

Are regular candles just not cutting it? Take a step up with these gift ideas for your boss with some unique terrarium candles. And if your boss enjoys the aesthetic of plants but doesn’t have a green thumb, you can expect these terrariums to last a while. 

Not only are they pretty, but they also come in two scents: pine and vanilla, and jasmine and white tea. 

Terrarium Candle, Gift Ideas for your Boss

17. A Fidget Pen

If your boss is always breaking or wearing down their pens from fidgeting, they may like this unique fidget pen. Its unique design will allow them to keep their hands busy, even when they’re not using it to write with lots of things to click and spin, also great for stress relief. 

Fidget Pen, Gift Ideas for Your Boss

18. Self-Watering Planters

Few things liven up an office more than some potted plants. These adorable planters are great gift ideas for your boss if they are still in touch with their inner child.

The cloth tongues on these planters aren’t just cute, either–they allow the planters to water themselves at will. So if your boss forgets to water their office plants, they may find this feature pretty convenient. 

Self Watering Dinosaur Planters, Gift Ideas for your Boss

19. Indoor Herb Garden 

If your boss likes to cook and has a green thumb, they might like this indoor herb garden, this falls under more personal gift ideas for your boss.  The cute and stylish LED herb garden will look lovely in any kitchen or even in the office. You can buy the whole collection or settle with just one herb if you’d prefer. 

This herb garden kit includes a LED growing box, seeds, and some plant food to help their herbs grow healthy and strong. 

LED Herb Garden, Gift Ides for yout Boss

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gift for Your Boss 

To ensure the best gift-giving experience, you should keep in mind a few factors before buying gifts for bosses. 

Review Your Company’s Gift Policy 

When it comes to giving gifts, many workplaces have a policy. Be sure to adhere to any rules that your workplace might have, especially when gifting something to your boss. 

In most workplaces, you should avoid giving cash as a gift. You should also avoid giving your boss a gift too close to a review, as it can come across as if you’re trying to improve your results. 

Figure Out What They Like 

If you talk to your boss fairly often, you probably have a general idea of some of the things they like. Once you know a few of their interests, you will have an easier time incorporating them into their gifts. 

For instance, are they the type of boss who is always showing you pictures of their children? Perhaps a customized gift with a family photo on it will warm their heart. Or does your boss have a bit of a sweet tooth? Some edible gifts might be the safe way to go. 

You don’t have to pry deep into your boss’s personal life, either; just a general idea of their interests can make gift shopping so much easier. 

Assess Your Relationship With Your Boss 

Boundaries are important when it comes to gift-giving. Be sure to assess your relationship with your boss before making a gift purchase. 

If you have a close relationship with your boss and feel comfortable joking around with them, gift-giving might be a bit easier, as you won’t have to worry too much about crossing boundaries. 

However, if your boss is a more reserved and professional person, you will want to avoid giving them something too personal. Something universal, such as keychains or desk plants, is a safe bet if this sounds like your relationship with your boss. 

Find the Right Price Point 

Decide how much you’re willing to spend before purchasing gifts for bosses. In general, you don’t want it to be too expensive. 

Most Secret Santa or white elephant gift exchanges come with a price limit, so if you’re buying a gift for one of these gift exchanges, be sure to stay within that. 

When it comes to giving gifts to your boss, it’s the thought that counts–so don’t empty your whole paycheck for their sake. 

Found the Right Gift? 

Buying gifts for your boss can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you stay within boundaries and put some thought into your gift, there’s a good chance that something on this list will put a smile on their face. If any of the gift ideas for your boss that are on this list strike your fancy, be sure to click the product button and scoop up the perfect gift in time for your holiday party

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