Jennie’s Agency Speaks Out on Rumors She’s Joining Marvel


With The Idol airing now, Jennie’s acting career is just taking off. Rumors have already surfaced about her next role, with AllKpop noting that several media outlets claimed the Blackpink singer would be joining Marvel’s new series Kingdom War: New Agents of Atlas as its K-pop star superhero Luna Snow (Seol Hee). Her agency YG Entertainment set the record straight on that, denying the rumor and saying, “There has been no such [role] offer.”

AllKpop noted in a different article that a Marvel insider claimed on Twitter that the company had wanted Jennie for the project and had been discussing it with her agency “since September 2021. YG Entertainment remained silent on the matter until April 29. Their response hinted at Jennie’s packed schedule, stating that she couldn’t commit to more than one project at a time due to her demanding workload.” That said, the insider is just an anonymous source, and it seems that, for now, only Jennie, YG Entertainment, and Marvel know when really happened.

Jennie recently had to leave a Blackpink performance early in Melbourne, Australia, due to being unwell; her agency described it as her being “unable to complete the stage [performance] due to her deteriorating condition.”

She shared an Instagram Story apologizing for and explaining what happened. “Dear Melbourne Blinks, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to finish the show on Sunday,” she wrote. “I’m doing my best to recover [at the moment]. Your understanding and support means the world to me. Thank you to everyone who came out to our Melbourne show. Love you guys.”

Jennie and the rest of Blackpink have been touring since October. Their Born Pink world tour will wrap up at the end of August.

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