20 Of The Best Caps To Pull Any Casual Outfit Together (2022 Edition)

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Even though men’s fashion trends can flit by faster than one-hit-wonders (good riddance, leather cuffs and American Authors), some things always stay relevant. We’re talking about that wonderfully versatile head-topper, of course; the best caps. Sure, some of the best men’s cap trends hang around for a few years and then disappear like a squeaky fart, but a few caps will always be in style.

Unless you’re one of those guys who can make any outfit work (lucky you), figuring out the best caps for men can be a task and a half. Since we love caps ourselves and feel for you guys, we put together a guide to get you through this kerfuffle. 

If you can’t decide which of the best caps are best for you, even after browsing the guide, then caps might not be for… you know what, never mind. Purge that thought because that’s not going to happen. 

By the end of our guide, you’re just about guaranteed to have found your best caps. Enjoy having some of the hottest dome accessories around and being the envy of your friends.

Our Top Picks

man sitting on ledge wearing a cap, jeans and a t-shirt
roque_80 / Instagram

If you’re looking for something classic in the vein of the beloved baseball cap, this might be your new favorite. Frank and Oak is a purveyor of some of the comfiest clothes we’ve ever seen, and their 100% organic cotton Dad Cap continues that trend. Don’t let the “dad” part scare you away, though. Even if you’re not a dad, people will love the minimalist style it brings to outfits.

So, what makes this different from a baseball cap? The depth. The best caps sits a bit lower on the skull than its baseball-loving brethren, and the brim comes a little curved to protect you from the sun. The best caps like this will never go out of style and is arguably the most versatile head-topper of all. The one cap to rule them all, if you will. 

Frank and Oak the Dad Cap

It seems like it was written in the stars that this is the year of the bucket hat. They’ve been in the spotlight since 2020, but this year they are taking over. If you want to be truly on-trend, invest in a bucket hat or two.

We think the best bucket hat you’ll find is the offering from Unrecorded. They’re a fairly new brand, only starting up in 2017, but thanks to their comfort, quality, and trendy styles, they’ve quickly become one of our favorites. 

We recommend their dusty blue bucket hat to compliment the whites and pastels people have been eating up this year, but black is always a great option, too. Either way, your throwback 90’s look will be a hit wherever you go and whatever you wear it with.

Unrecorded Bucket Hat

If you were alive anytime during the last 30 years, you know about the rise of New Era baseball caps (in the US, at least). The best caps for men are uniform for MLB teams, became popular in the 80s, exploded in the 90s, and were an American mainstay by the 2000s. Not a bad track record.

New Era caps faded away to make room for snapbacks in the 2010s, but since the 2000s vintage is rolling in, they might be ready for a big comeback. Just remember these are fitted, so you better measure that dome of yours so you aren’t stuck in clothes-return limbo. 

New Era Flat Bill Baseball Cap

Niche or not, the slickness of flat caps is undeniable. Even for folks who don’t like wearing them can’t deny it. The thing is, they aren’t the best caps for every face shape. They’re great for narrow and diamond-shaped faces as they add a little width, but circular mugs beware: they can make round faces look a bit rounder.

If you’ve got the chops to wear a flat cap, Mucros Weavers makes some of the best there are. They’re made in Killarney, Ireland, by master weaver John Cahill, so you know you’re getting an excellent, classy piece of headgear.

Mucros Weavers Irish Flat Cap

This can get confusing for us Americans, but newsboy caps and flat caps are, in fact, not the same thing. If you look closely, the newsboy cap has a floppier, rounder top that consists of eight panels with a button in the middle—it’s sort of a bonnet/flat cap amalgamation. The flat cap has straighter lines and only one panel, which makes for a cleaner look.

If you’ve decided to try out the giddy charm of a newsboy cap, Biddy Murphy arguably makes the best. The best caps for men have been made in Ireland since the 14th century, and Murphy stays true to those traditional Irish and Scottish roots. If you’re looking for the best newsboy cap there is, look to Biddy Murphy.

Biddy Murphy Newsboy Cap

Snapbacks aren’t the powerhouse they were years back, but they’re not exactly hated either. One thing they definitely are is a great system to create an adjustable cap. If you’ve got a head shape that’s hard to buy for (or you don’t feel like measuring it), a snapback might be your best option.

If you’re convinced a snapback is for you, this Coors x Huckberry collab makes a handsome choice for your noggin. We chose this one for its classic evoking of days past – your dad wore something like this while working around the house on the weekend. If it gave you the same feeling, it’s time to kick back and breathe new life into this old classic. 

While the snapback was taking a decades-long vacation in the 2000s, flex-fit caps were at the top of their game. Every clothing store on the block had flex-fits in stock. Thanks to bands like Blink-182, Hurley’s best caps enjoyed being the pinnacle of cool in the skateboarding and pop-punk scenes.

If you want to dig into the styles of the 2000s, a fitted Hurley cap will put you at the top of your game. Not only that, but fitted/flexfit caps will never go out of style for as long as men wear the best caps. So basically, they’ll be around for at least another millennia.

Hurley The One & Only Hat

If you haven’t heard, Uniform Standard makes some of the sexiest clothes we’ve seen and the best beanie you might ever wear. This bad boy is 100% lambswool, which is softer than regular ol’ sheep’s wool. That way, the wool scratchies that may haunt your dreams (more like nightmares) are nowhere in sight.

We all know beanies are great for keeping your body heat in and your ears warm, sure, but have you tried one in a more formal setting. Wearing a beanie with a suit or blazer might seem like insanity, but trust us, it’s a great way to add some irreverent flair to whatever gathering you attend.

Uniform Standard Merino Wool Beanie

If you are looking for a sleek alternative to the beanie, say hello to the skull cap. You’ve probably seen them before, but if you haven’t tried one and want something different, now might be the time. They don’t work quite as well with a suit like a beanie does, but they’re still an interesting way to elevate an otherwise plain outfit. Then again, you never wear plain outfits, right? 

If you’re trying out a badass biker look, give a skull cap a whirl. Its form-fitting look, especially in black with a sick leather biker jacket, shows off the smooth visage of your skull. Just don’t pretend to be in a biker gang unless you actually are. Depending on where you are, that could be a great way to get your ass kicked. 

French Fitness Revolution Sweat Wicking Skull Cap

We’re not sure what it is about caps that golfers love so much (well, ok we’re all suckers for the best caps regardless of the sport), but we do know that it adds a certain individuality to a men’s cap. While this cap may not scream ‘I am the most unique one out there’ it does scream ‘I know what a good hat is.’ In our books, a solid investment always speaks for itself. 

This perfectly proportioned golf cap will keep the sun out of your eyes on the course and won’t bog you down. Plus, it’s comfy as hell and has a minimalist logo on the side of the bill. 

Like we went over with the beanie and skull cap, winter caps don’t have to be solely for keeping warm. You can look pretty cool if you play your cards right. If you don’t want to freeze out in the coldest environments but still want to look good, Colombia has the answer.

Their Adventure Hiking Trapper cap is what we like to call gorpcore—good ol’ raisin and peanuts. It’s basically hiking chic and a great alternative to other men’s caps in the winter. Colombia is also a long-standing classic in outdoorsman outfitting, and you really can’t go wrong with them.

Colombia Adventure Hiking Trapper

If you’re going to have winter caps, why not pick up some spring and summer caps too? Personally, we couldn’t live without some of the best caps for toasty temperatures. Not only do they keep the sun out of your face and eyes, but they look damn cool while they’re doing it.

Foaincore might be one of the many random brands on Amazon, but don’t overlook them because of that. They make the best summer men’s caps you’ll find. It’s got the look of a baseball cap or dad cap, but it’s composed entirely of mesh. This way, you don’t have to wear a trucker cap to get the venting and cooling benefits.

Foaincore Mesh Baseball Cap

Well, we’ve tackled the seasons, so it’s time to get to an all-weather offering. If a cap for the rain is on your wish list, Outdoor Research Group can handle it. Their Seattle sombrero will keep your head dry even if you live in the rainiest cities in the world (fun fact: we like to think Seattle is the rainiest city in the US, but it doesn’t even come close). 

Seattle might not be as rainy as New York City, but calling it the NYC Sombrero might leave people a little confused. Either way, this gore-tex sombrero is not only top-notch in the rain, but it has UPF 50+ built-in. Plus, a wide brim protects you in case the rain turns into a raging hot sun. 

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero

Closed is one of our favorite designer clothing brands, and they created a perfect storm of summer trends that culminated in their College Cap. This baseball cap combines the simple style of minimalism, the bright colors of maximalism (yes, that’s a thing), and the look of vintage letterman jackets.

If you’re looking for a baseball cap that screams “on-trend,” this might be your new go-to this year. And since it’s made incredibly well, like all Closed products, it’s totally worth a spot in your closet or cap rack.

Closed College Cap

When you saw wool caps, you were probably expecting another beanie, weren’t you? We wouldn’t blame you. Not many people equate wool with baseball caps. That said, now that the secret is out, it might be time to hop on the wool baseball cap bandwagon.

Walker and Hawkes make the best wool baseball cap the internet can deliver. It looks like the lovechild of a baseball cap and a newsboy cap, and we love it. This cap is sure to be a hit when the weather takes a turn for the chilly. Unless where you live is always cold—in that case, feel free to rock this beauty year-round.

Walker and Hawkes Harris Tweed Baseball Cap

Wool and cotton beanies are one thing, but cashmere beanies are a whole different beast. It’s one of the softest materials you’ll ever touch. A good piece of cashmere is the clothing you won’t ever want to take off, and that goes for men’s caps too.

Luca Falconi designed an amazing luxury cashmere beanie. And the best news is you won’t even have to sell a kidney to afford it. Just be warned, once you’ve worn cashmere, other winter clothes might not seem quite as comfy.

Luca Falconi Chunky Knit Cashmere Beanie

In case you missed it in our best cap for winter entry, gorpcore is here. That stands for good ol’ raisins and peanuts, i.e., trail mix, i.e., this is basically elevated camping attire. If that sounds kind of weird at first, it’s because it is. But trust us, it works.

Wax London is known for putting out some of the best-made men’s caps London has to offer. The simplicity and hue of this beanie are key. Gorpcore outfits usually consist of earthy tones, but if you’re looking to add a little maximalist flair to your gorp, this parking-cone orange works wonders. Not only will your gorp be on point, but you’ll be seen by cars (and admirers) from two city blocks away. 

Wax London Knit Beanie

If you never considered adding some of the best caps to your regular running gear, now might be the time. This cap does more than look good with its vivid greens and blues. It can save you from turning into a jogger soup – that’s the technical term for ample sweat running down your face (at least that’s what I call it). The material protects your face from harmful UV rays, is quick-drying to mop up those mid-day run sweats and features some reflective material to keep you out chasing miles until dusk.

However, if you’re a dedicated night runner, we would suggest opting for a hat with more reflective features (pst…like this one). 

It’s also a super comfy men’s cap and will go great with plenty of wild outfits this summer. If you want to grab some crazy, bold colors this summer, you might love these caps.

Trucker caps hold an interesting spot in US pop culture. Once, they were associated only with farmers and, surprise, surprise, truckers. But those days have long passed. Now, everyone loves trucker caps. You can even find celebrities rocking the mesh wonder everywhere, from the grocery store to yacht parties. 

The appeal of the trucker cap is obvious. They have the same awesome designs as normal baseball caps, but with a mesh back panel to keep you cool and a lightweight design built for the summer. We chose the Goorin Bros. option because the pastel orange is an excellent summer hue and the light-hearted panther patch on the front is just too sweet. Pure cool incarnated into one of the best caps we’ve tried.

Goorin Bros. The Farm Trucker Cap

Sun hats are a huge trend for women this year, so why not let this utilitarian favorite branch out to men’s trends too? Sure, other wide-brimmed men’s caps are fine for sun-blocking but not the best (we’re looking at you, bucket hats), so if you need sun protection, you might as well go all out.

Hllman (no, thats not a typo) makes a damn good sun hat that will get you through the summer without burning your eyes out at the beach. Its huge brim also screams confidence. Not all guys are willing to risk their precious masculinity by wearing a cap mostly donned by women. We say to hell with gender roles, and we can wear what we want. If big-ass sun hats aren’t manly, then let’s make them manly by making it a #sunhatsummer.

Hllman Super-wide Sun Hat

What To Look For In The Best Caps For Men


Unless you’re wearing it purely for fashion, you need to know what your men’s cap will be used for. A skullcap will look chic but still keep you warm. A baseball cap will look great in winter too, but your ears might freeze off. So it’s important to shop correctly.

The best way to know which of the best caps to wear and when? Well, the guide you’re reading right now. Scroll up and read which men’s caps are best for what scenarios and the very best in each class. After you check out the rest of our guide, your cap worries should melt away.


When it comes to the best caps, size definitely always matters. Our old friends the snapback might be able to adjust to most dome sizes, but not all of the best caps have that feature. If you’re looking at caps fitted to certain specifications, it’s best to measure your head dimensions so you can double-check whether your new accessory will fit or not.

If you’re lazy or allergic to measuring tapes, maybe try a snapback or flexfit. They might not be the hot item as they were a few years ago, but they’re still a well-loved piece of headwear and will probably never be truly out of style. So, either stop procrastinating and measure your head or go with something adjustable.

miguel_izq_ / Instagram


It might seem obvious, but let’s be honest with ourselves, gentlemen, we don’t always know what colors to wear. This year, white is king, so the best caps featuring some essence of white will be perfect all year. Pastels are also huge if you want your hats to stand out and scream “SUMMER.” 

Of course, there are options for guys who aren’t into white. If you’re good at color coordinating your outfits, you can shop for the best caps color accordingly. If you have a hard time matching colors well (it happens to guys everywhere, don’t worry), you can always fall back on black, gray, or brown. Those three colors can match nearly any outfit you come up with.


    • The best men’s caps right now are the ones covered in this guide. We scoured the internet to find the best caps for men, and we think we’ve done a pretty damn good job. We’ve got caps for all your needs here. Warm caps, cool caps, red caps, blue caps (Dr. Suess, eat your heart out), we’ve covered them all. 

      If you want to learn more, just scroll up. Any contemporary men’s cap questions you have will be answered.  

      • Baseball caps are basically always in style, so you really can’t go wrong with a good baseball cap. That said, according to the best fashion fortune tellers, the past few summers have been solely the season of the bucket hat. Bucket hats have been growing in popularity for a few years now, but this summer is the year they will truly shine.

        Bucket hats are also one of the more utilitarian headwear options, so you can be on-trend while utilizing your hat’s natural 360-degree, sun-blocking superpowers. 

        • This is an easy one. There’s one men’s cap method, and we guarantee it will help: the best way to wear caps for men is by popping them on your head. 

          Seriously, though, the best way to learn how caps look best on you is by trying on different ones. We understand if you like shopping online instead of going to the store and trying them on. If that’s the case, the best solution is Amazon’s “try before you buy,” so you can try the cap out before you even pay for it. Basically the same thing as trying them on at a store, right?

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