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Being a beauty editor comes with its perks (hello, seemingly endless product samples), but trying to find calm between market meetings, press events, unboxing and testing products, and actually sitting down to write and edit make for busy days. That’s why Elle Beauty Editor Margaux Anbouba makes it a point to begin each and every morning with a sense of zen.

“I really treasure a gentle morning wakeup because it sets a better tone for the entire day,” she says. “I have this really cool alarm clock that mimics the sunrise. About 30 minutes before you want to wake up, the lights slowly start brightening, just like you have a tiny sun on your bedside table.”

margaux andouba waking up with

Margaux Anbouba

Of course, it’s not just how she wakes up, but who she wakes up to that help make her mornings so enjoyable. “My two-year-old cat Fondue sleeps with me every night,” she says. “He even puts his head on a silk pillowcase like he’s a human! When my alarm goes off, I’ll push snooze and we’ll cuddle for a few minutes until it goes off again.”

After rising to meet the day, Margaux takes time to awaken her senses and care for her skin. Her beauty routine starts with a soothing facial.

“I always feel a little puffy in the morning, so a massage with a facial oil makes a huge difference in how I look,” she says. To try it yourself, she says: “You want to work your way up and toward your ears to help drain excess fluids in your under-eye or jaw areas.”

She likes to close her facial massage by smoothing an ice cube over her skin to invigorate and help tighten.

margaux andouba waking up with

Margaux Anbouba

She finishes her skincare routine by giving the area under her arms some love with the Dove Ultimate Antiperspirant in Peony and Rose Water. As a beauty editor, she appreciates that Dove’s first-of-its-kind water-based formula contains glycerin to hydrate and improve skin texture. The antiperspirant leaves her feeling smooth, refreshed, and ready for a quick workout.

While she used to be a 6 a.m. spin-class kind of girl, nowadays, she prefers to wake her body up with a ballet class in the comfort of her own home.

margaux andouba waking up with

Margaux Anbouba

“I started streaming ballet classes mid-pandemic in an attempt to stretch my body after sitting so much,” she says. “I had never taken a ballet class before, so it took me a while to figure out the basics, but I’ve fallen in love with how my body feels after even just a 15-minute class.”

Once her class is over, it’s time to get dressed and take on the day.

margaux andouba waking up with

Margaux Anbouba

“I collect vintage clothing, like dresses from the 1950s to 1970s,” she says. “I’ll usually try on three or four things before I decide on a vibe for the day, but it’s almost always something bright and colorful.”

Because Dove UItimate Antiperspirant is built to deliver 48-hour sweat and odor protection, she doesn’t have to waste time re-applying before heading to the office or throughout her busy day.

“Usually I have three or four appointments around the city every single day,” she says. “It’s chaotic, but I was relieved to find an antiperspirant that helps me stay fresh and smells nice, too.”

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