Pat McGrath Labs Expands Into Skincare With a Hydrating Essence


Even via Zoom, anticipation is high when Pat McGrath appears onscreen to introduce her latest game-changing product, telling a group of editors that it’s something she’s “used backstage on many models.” No, it’s not an eye-catching makeup palette or a pigmented lipstick. At long last, the muva of makeup is expanding into an entirely new category: skincare. The first product she is launching is Divine Skin: Rose 001 Essence. And yes, it’s as delightful as it sounds. Rose is the star player in this formula created specifically to deliver hydration, allowing products to penetrate better into the skin and reveal glow over time.

pat mcgrath labs divine skin rose 001 the essence

Pat McGrath Labs Rose 001 The Essence

Pat McGrath Labs

“It’s not a moisturizer, it’s not a serum—it’s an emulsifying, hydrating essence,” explains McGrath. To develop it, her and her team started with the base—literally, developing an essence that doubles as a light moisturizer. This sweet-smelling formula will instantly transform your morning or evening routine into a spa-like experience. (Put it on after you cleanse and dry your face before you start.)

Before you open the pretty glass bottle, the formula is separated. On top sits the lightweight milky emulsion, which is infused with HydraSphere 18, a combination of botanically derived oils, lipids, and vitamin E. (Lipids are a source of energy for our skin and help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.) The rose-colored water combines centifolia rose petal extract, damascene rose water, and a powerful rose blend called Rose-Biotic, which is enhanced by a molecular extraction technology to give you all the benefits of rose to calm, hydrate, and strengthen your skin.

Pat McGrath Labs

Divine Skin: Rose 001™ The Essence

Pat McGrath Labs


To apply it, you shake the bottle (so the formula separates), put a small dollop in your hand, then press and massage it into your skin. As you breathe in the rose scent simultaneously, your skin almost instantly illuminates—no joke. It’s made with 97 percent naturally derived ingredients, so you can feel good about using it daily, which this editor has been doing for the past two weeks, and, for what it’s worth, has noticeably brighter and more hydrated skin to show for it. “You are born with the memory of moisture, and over time, it’s broken down. This [formula] unlocks that and protects the skin,” adds McGrath.

But don’t take our word; McGrath had the ultimate test subject to give honest feedback on the product, partnering with none other than Naomi Campbell to kick off her foray into skincare. “I’ve been using it for about a year,” Campbell exclusively tells with a smile before mischievously adding, “I’ve had to keep it in an unmarked spray bottle!”

naomi campbell for pat mcgrath labs

Steven Meisel for Pat McGrath Labs

As someone who is constantly on flights and backstage at fashion shows, Campbell spoke candidly about the hydrating benefits of the essence. “You know how you put things on and it goes away in an hour? This stays on your skin!” She’s not wrong: The formula truly illuminates skin and will give you a natural, dewy, healthy glow. Campbell continues: “I like skin to be hydrated. I like skin to be shiny. I’ve never been into dry anything. I think it ages you.” We absolutely agree. “I’m obsessed with that, over time, there are huge results,” says McGrath.

In fact, McGrath performed a consumer perception test with 30 individuals over four weeks, and 100 percent of the participants said their skin was instantly transformed, appearing more luminous, nourished, hydrated, and plump. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a supermodel or beauty insider to access this potent formula. Starting today, it’s available on for $86. “What I love is that it soothes stressed, dehydrated skin,” says McGrath proudly. “It’s my signature glow in a bottle.” What are you waiting for? Get glowing.

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