How Scott Disick Really Reacted to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Getting Engaged


The Kardashians’ new Hulu reality series devoted its latest episode to Travis Barker proposing to Kourtney Kardashian—and it showed for the first time how Scott Disick, Kardashian’s ex and the father of her three children, took the news.

Disick and the kids weren’t at Barker’s surprise Santa Barbara proposal with the rest of the family. That exclusion created some drama, with Penelope, the former couple’s 9-year-old daughter, not happy about her mom getting engaged. Kardashian FaceTimed her kids individually to tell them the news after Barker popped the question.

“Penelope took it hard,” Kourtney said in a confessional from the proposal night. “I think it’s a big change for her. And even though she loves Travis, I think she doesn’t know what that means. You know, is that taking me away? I think she just doesn’t know what it means.”

“I do wish my kids were here,” she continued. “I think it would have made them feel more included in the decision kind of and part of the surprise. I know that my mom made that decision. And it probably wasn’t her best.”

At the dinner celebrating the proposal, Khloé revealed to Kourtney and her sisters that Disick knew that Barker proposed.

“I know Scott knows,” Khloé started.

“And what did Scott say?” Kendall Jenner asked.

“‘You guys are gonna kick me out now,’” Khloé recalled, whispering. “‘I’m not involved in the family,’ and then was asking, ‘Why weren’t my kids there?’ And we said, because they were too young.”

“I think they think they’re losing their dad,” Khloé told Kourtney. “I don’t think they think they’re losing their mom. They think their dad is gone, and you’re replacing him. When you’re a kid, you think you have to pick one. So P’s reaction is understandably okay but there’s nothing wrong with Travis. It’s the same way how you felt about [Caitlyn Jenner, who Kris Jenner married after divorcing Rob, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé’s father Robert]. There was nothing wrong with [Caitlyn].”

Kendall then asked Kourtney point blank, “Do you have sympathy for Scott? Do you have sympathy for the position that he’s in at all?”

“Yeah,” Kourtney replied.

“Because it doesn’t feel like you do just as an outsider,” Kendall said.

“No, I do. But then there’s things like—” Kourtney trailed off.

Even though Scott had years to get over Kourtney, “it’s always going to sting,” Kendall pointed out.

Kourtney addressed Scott in a confessional, saying, “You know, I’m sensitive to his feelings and I communicate with him about the kids and I make sure that he’s good. But beyond that, I just got engaged, and I wanna be happy and being in the moment. And I just don’t think that this moment is about Scott.”

Later in the episode, Khloé brought a care package to Scott to check in on him. That’s when he gave his first candid reaction on Kourtney marrying someone else to the cameras.

“I’m all right,” Scott told Khloé as she entered. “It’s not like somebody died.”

When Khloé later asked how he really was doing, he replied, “I mean, don’t get me wrong: I’ll always love your sister. So I wasn’t that caught off guard. I mean I thought they had already been married the way that she was talking. So it wasn’t crazy. Thank god. Because in another time in my life if I would’ve heard that, it would’ve been over for me. Thank god, it does give me a lot of relief that she is happy. Somebody else is taking care of her. I kind of, in a selfish way, feel like a lot has been lifted off of me. I think in the end, it’s kind of a good thing. I couldn’t do the job of being with her. So I salute Travis. Like, he’s in for a lot of work.”

“What do you mean? Like the whole family?” Khloé asked.

“No! The family’s the best part. Kourtney is not the simplest when it comes to everything.”

“They can have their life,” Scott continued. “I just don’t want to be pushed out of family affairs that include the kids and things that we normally would do. I just don’t want to lose the dynamic of having all of you guys.”

Scott admitted in a confessional that he felt guilt before over his relationship with Kourtney failing. “I always felt like that was my fault for breaking up our family,” he said. “So I always felt like I had this responsibility to be there for her and take care of her and make sure she was all right even though we weren’t together. I just felt that guilt so it was a lot to handle.”

Khloé, meanwhile, addressed Scott’s jabs at Kourtney in her own confessional. “This is just him being snarky. He’s acting out,” she said. “I’m not going to be combative and push back because it’s so clear, it’s so transparent, I get what he’s doing, but if Kourtney was such a problem, then why would he want to be with her for so many years?”

Khloé encouraged Kourtney after that meeting to have a conversation with Scott. She didn’t see the need. “Travis and I don’t know what our plans are,” Kourtney said in a confessional. ”We don’t know when we’re getting married. We don’t know if we’re moving into the same house. It’s not like these big decisions that are going to affect the kids are like known. You know, I’m sensitive to Scott and his feelings. Someday, we’ll all be able to get along. We have to. The kids feel it. And I think that’s the most important thing.”

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