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Sometimes, a busy day is inevitable. You’re meeting up with a friend for coffee at their favorite local cafe, shopping for a gift for your girlfriend’s birthday that is fast approaching, and have some work to get done. Afterword’s, you might meet up with the guys for a drink or two, and have no time to stop home for an outfit change.

When looking for the perfect fit to keep you stylish and trendy from morning to night, we’ve got you covered. Try keeping a neutral palette and layering within the color family for an easy transition. Start off with you favorite pair of jeans for a comfortable vibe. Add a button down for a sophisticated spin, and finish with a durable chore jacket that can easily be removed if the sun is out just a bit more than anticipated.

Now, yes – this is a very basic outfit. That’s where accessories come into play. opt for a gold chain to add a bit of dimension, and your favorite sneaker to keep it casual. Add a cuff at the bottom of your shoes and a contrasting sock to style. Complete with a neutral hat to pull the look together from head to toe. Grab your bag and you’re good to go.

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