16 Gift Ideas for the Bold, Fierce Leo in Your Life

Photography courtesy of Reformation

Buoyant, confident and luxury-loving are just some ways to describe this fiery zodiac sign.

Welcome to Leo season! Let’s celebrate our confident, luxury-loving, fun-seeking friends with gift ideas that will turn any Leo’s head. We’re talking about the fire sign that has no issue being the centre of attention, after all.

The stars have aligned for this party animal. With life continuing to open up and COVID-19 restrictions loosening, your Leo bestie will definitely be rekindling their joie de vivre this summer. Gift them a loud YSL lip colour for GNO, or a portable, artful Louis Vuitton speaker for their next outdoor soirée. Leos have a keen eye for bold fashion and lots of ambition (Gabrielle Chanel was a Leo), so why not present them some big drip with the latest from Tiffany and Co., or match their warm and loving nature with Fenty Beauty’s sunshine-like body luminizer?

Check out our favourite gifts for the Leos below.

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