Revealed: Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Social Media Influencer Value

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We officially cannot get enough of the royals.

The impact that the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex have on fashion around the globe is well-documented. What the Duchesses wear has become so important to consumers around the globe that the knock-on effect has been named the “Kate effect” and “Meghan effect” respectively. Items sell out, waitlists of thousands are created and website traffic spikes – it’s a dream come true for any brand that the royal pair choose to wear. Now their combined influencer value has been determined.

According to The London Institute of Photography, Kate and Meghan have generated USD$2.4 million in influencer value over the past year. In order to reach that number, the institute analyzed six Instagram accounts – Vanity FairBritish VogueElle UK, Harper’s BazaarGrazia and Tatler – and used the Inkifi calculator to determine how much each like was worth. Using the calculator, they were able to determine that one like equals 42 cents. Over the past year there were 281 photos of Meghan posted (with a total of 3.8 million likes) and 161 photos of Kate (with 1.7 million likes).

“The royals are talked about all the time and we wanted to see how they relate to social media and fashion,” Damon Culbert, the lead researcher on the project told Vanity Fair. “Kate and Meghan are both powerful social media influences, but Meghan came out on top in our research. It’s her first year as a royal and it has been a very busy year with a marriage and the birth of Archie. It goes to show that the Duchess of Sussex’s online presence is highly valuable to audiences around the world.”

Whilst they aren’t in the Kylie Jenner league (who gets paid USD$1.9 million per post, according to Culbert) and don’t get paid for their social media posts, they remain amongst the most influential public figures in the world. “They are able to curate their public image by how they are seen and photographed,” says Culbert. “For example, Meghan opting for ethically and sustainably produced fashion.”

Meghan’s influence was further solidified this week after Lyst named her as the most powerful dresser for 2019.

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