If You’ve Got Tight Hips, You Need to Follow This Sequence to Help Loosen Them Up


If you’ve ever finished a run and immediately thought to yourself, “My hips are so tight,” if you struggle to sit crossed-legged, or if you just constantly feel like your hips need some extra TLC, you can benefit from focusing on your hip mobility. Essentially, having greater mobility of the hips will allow you to move properly without compensating and utilizing other muscle groups, which can help prevent injury and improve your athletic performance no matter your fitness level.

There are a lot of great exercises you can do to help with your mobility, but if you’re a beginner, something more visual, like a video, is a good place to start. Shona Vertue, an Australian personal trainer and yoga teacher, has a 20-minute mobility flow that will leave your hips feeling open and loose. Following this video once won’t instantly improve your mobility, so be sure to consistently implement this sequence into your workout program. If you’re ready to give your hips some love, check out the video above.

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