This One Kit Solved All My Skincare Woes

I’ve used the same skincare products for pretty much my whole life. I bought a mix of basic products from the drugstore, online, and the occasional Sephora splurge if the product had great reviews (or I got talked into it by the salesperson). This weird collection technically did the job, since my face was clean and I didn’t have any acne problems, but I wasn’t totally sure that these products worked well together. What I needed was a skincare routine, not just a couple of random bottles.

QUICK READ: I didn’t know what my skin needed, but I knew it needed something. My friend recommended the easy to use and AMAZING Kopari Coconut Skincare BundleI got it here.

I needed a skincare system that would not only give my skin a natural, believable glow, but would work harmoniously together without any experimenting or guessing games on my end. I realized that I truly had no idea which products did what, or what products I even needed, and frankly, I didn’t want to put a ton of effort into figuring it out. I just wanted someone else to tell me that I was using the right products in the correct order, instead of just defaulting to random products that may or may not be what my skin needed. I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

I told my friend Sarah about my desire to get a skincare routine, and she forwarded me an article she recently read about Kopari coconut-based skincare. This paraben-free, sulfate-free skincare line embraces the power of coconuts outside the kitchen, harnessing its nutrients to return balance and moisture delicate facial skin. Kopari’s Coconut Skincare Essentials kit includes a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and even a bonus lip gloss — in other words, I knew everything was part of the same system without even needing to do any additional research.

Backed by tons of five-star reviews, I didn’t hesitate to put the Coconut Skincare Essentials bundle in my cart. A few days later, a Kopari box awaited me upon my return home. Inside were four products that I decided to try out before bed: Kopari’s Coconut Cleansing Oil, Coconut Rose Toner, Coconut Face Cream, and Coconut Lip Love gloss.

Here’s why I love each one:

Coconut Cleansing Oil

I never used a cleansing oil before, and I was surprised to feel just how smooth and silky the product is. Foundation and dirt came off my face with ease. I felt no residual greasiness when I washed the cleanser off, and actually noticed my skin didn’t feel dry and tight like after I use my Cetaphil cleanser.

Coconut Rose Toner

I had no idea how wonderfully rose soothes skin! The cooling, calming spray landed gently on my face and helped calm down the redness I was experiencing as of late. It only took a few spritzes for my face to look less like a tomato. After a few days, any trace of redness simply never returned! The toner smelled amazing, too.

Coconut Face Cream

Kopari Coconut Face Cream’s formula adapts to your skin type, without buying a zillion little tubes for different areas of the face. Coconut Face Cream can be used as a full-faced moisturizer AND as an under eye cream. It addressed the seasonal dryness I always experience without weighing down the rest of my face or making me shiny.

Coconut Lip Love

I’ve never been shy about lip gloss, but I also never thought to treat my lips as part of a skincare routine. As it turns out, coconut is fantastic for locking in moisture without weighing heavy on my lips like wax lip balms.

I’m now about a month deep into Kopari’s Coconut Skincare Essentials kit, and I totally see why 98% of customers say it leaves their skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, and ultra-soft. I’m grateful that I finally found a simple, effective skincare routine based on products that I know are healthy for me. One skincare kit, four products, no more guessing games!

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