This Holistic Secret Gave Me A Whiter Smile

I would consider myself a pretty confident person, but there’s one thing that I’m still pretty self-conscious about: My mouth.

My two-cup of coffee a day habit has caught up to me, and my teeth have turned a permanent yellow shade. For years, my pearly yellows have plagued my self-confidence. Every photo of me is with a closed-lip smile, trying to hide that yellowish tint. I simply couldn’t bring myself to flash a big grin. On top of that, I had also started to become self-conscious of having bad breath.

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I was about to give up and accept my life of tight-lipped smiles, but my best friend’s wedding was around the corner, and I was determined to give one more solution a try. While chatting with the makeup artist about lipstick colors during the trial run — the last thing I needed was to call more attention to my mouth — she told me about her own struggle with yellow teeth, and the secret to getting that bright white smile: oil pulling.

Oil pulling is an age-old remedy with roots in ancient Ayurvedic medicine. The practice uses a natural oil like coconut oil to pull toxins from your mouth and gums. The result is fresher breath, reduced plaque, and whiter teeth. This make-up artist swore by oil pulling, and while she applied another layer of mascara, she certainly got close enough for me to notice the difference between her mouth and mine.

Noticing the skepticism etched on my face, she ran to her purse and pulled out Kopari oil pullers and insisted I take one home to try. I immediately felt OK about going with the Kopari brand — the cruelty-free and GMO-free commitments made me feel good about spending my hard-earned money with them — it was the oil pulling itself that I still wanted to research.

I went to Kopari’s website to learn more about this trend, and it turns out the makeup artist wasn’t the only one who swears by oil pulling for a cleaner mouth. An amazing 97% of Kopari oil pull users feel a difference after just a month! With success rates that high, there really was no reason not to commit, and I ordered enough for the month. Worst case, I could always take advantage of Kopari’s generous return policy.

The oil pulling process is pretty simple. I just take one of the convenient single-use tubes, rip open the top, and swish for around 15 minutes. I swish while doing my hair and selecting that day’s outfit. At the end, I spit the oil into the garbage can, brush my teeth, and move about my day. I could alternate between the three amazing flavors in the box — mint, colada, and vanilla — for a little something different every morning.

Halfway through my 28-day experiment, I noticed why so many people swore by oil pulling. My co-worker asked if I started wearing white strips at night, and I noticed my breath seemed pretty fresh! By the end of the month, and already deep into the routine of daily oil pulling, there was no doubt about the changes in my smile — and no going back to my mint-gobbling days of yesteryear.

I can’t remember ever being this happy with my smile. My best friend’s wedding came and went, and my Instagram Stories were flooded with photos of me (and my teeth!), looking like the happiest woman on Earth (apologies to the bride). In the days and weeks after my initial experiment, I set the oil pullers to auto-ship to my apartment every month. I noticed my confidence building with each daily swish, each one helping my transformation from icky yellow to pearly white. Kopari’s oil pullers completely solved the biggest challenge to my confidence, and I have a makeup artist — and a centuries-old secret — to thank!

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