Just One Supplement Gave Me My Best Night Of Sleep In Years

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 Americans don’t get enough sleep? I know, because I’m one of those sleepless Americans.

I toss and turn every night, counting the sheep and the sleepless hours as they fly by. Some nights are better than others, but it’s never close to the quantity or quality my brain needs for optimal function. I’ve tried everything — blackout curtains, soothing scents, and sounds, shutting off my smartphone an hour before bed — and nothing seems to work.

My poor sleeping got to a point where I struggled to focus at work. As an events coordinator, I needed to pay close attention to detail, but the brain fog that came with my exhaustion made it impossible to remember even the most basic information. I feared that my job was at stake, too.

I brought these concerns to a friend who I knew recently dealt with sleep issues. He reminded me that our brains needed to declutter and relax for proper rest. He recommended Sleep Peacefulli by Liveli, a slumber-promoting supplement I could conveniently order online.

Liveli is truly on a mission to help the world. The supplements were developed by a Stanford-trained couple, anesthesiologist Dr. James Lee and dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio, both respected leaders in their fields of medicine. The duo researched the formula to combat their own experience with cognitive decline – and we all know how important sleep can be for brain health!

Eight years ago, Dr. Lee was in a surgery when things started going very wrong. His vision went awry, he got extremely dizzy, and he collapsed right there in the operating room. What followed was 18 months of agonizing exhaustion, irritability, and confusion. He could barely talk, he couldn’t brush his teeth, and he couldn’t retain any new information. It was a devastating turn of events for a man who was at the pinnacle of his career.

Although doctors eventually found and treated a brain tumor, Dr. Lee was informed that he’d never be the same again. This struggle to live his daily life was simply the status quo now, and he better get used to it. Dr. Lee and Dr. Mauricio refused to accept that answer and instead turned to their own vast medical and biochemical knowledge to find the answer. They discovered oils, vitamins, minerals, botanicals and more which all play a part in promoting healthy sleep for a healthy brain. In conjunction with several other brain-boosting substances, Dr. Lee’s cognitive function was completely restored, without any other medications or treatments! Encouraged by his progress, the two doctors took Liveli on the road and have been helping people ever since.

If Liveli could return Dr. Lee’s health to him, I could only imagine what it could do for my sleep problems. It makes perfect sense — sleep is absolutely essential for your health, so a supplement to encourage proper rest is a clear building block for the brain’s daily recovery period. Impressed with Dr. Lee’s knowledge, education, and drive, I took my friend’s suggestion and gave Sleep Peacefulli a try.

Every dose of Sleep Peacefulli is individually-wrapped in an easy-open pouch, containing two easy-to-swallow tablets each. I could discreetly stash a dose in an overnight bag without a clumsy pill box or carrying around a big bottle. I took my first two-tablet dose about an hour before bed, tucked myself in, and waited.

The next thing I knew, it was morning! I couldn’t believe that I fell asleep at 11 p.m. and woke up at 6 a.m. I don’t even remember the last time I slept for seven hours without a heavy-duty sleeping pill. And it wasn’t just the hours I logged — it was quality sleep, too. I woke up feeling more rested than I felt in months, something my friend said would happen but I didn’t think I’d actually experience. That day, I upgraded my order to a monthly subscription model, so a new supply would come to my door every 30 days. (This option also took 10 percent off my order!)

It’s been about four months since I started Liveli’s Sleep Peacefulli supplements, and the transformational impact of a full night of sleep continues to feel absolutely wonderful. It feels good to close my eyes and not have to search for sleep on the cool side of the pillow. The utter exhaustion and cloudiness I felt before Sleep Peacefulli was long gone, and I could refocus my energy on work. Thanks to Dr. Lee and Dr. Mauricio’s hard work and knowledge, I got back my career — and my quality of life!

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