Here’s How I Whitened My Teeth Without Bleach

Although I’m confident in my style, there’s one area that still gives me constant worry: my smile. Despite having very straight teeth (thanks, braces!), they have this noticeable yellow sheen that drives me absolutely bonkers. For years, I lived my life terrified that someone would notice, from first dates to job interviews to closed-mouth smiles in every selfie. Honestly, just thinking about my distracting yellow teeth makes my hair stand on end.

I got into the habit of buying whitening toothpaste, but honestly, I never saw a difference. Those over-the-counter strips with all that goo didn’t do much, either. The yellow stains on my teeth just seemed to turn a slightly different shade of yellow — not worth the time spent sitting there with trays in my mouth. Plus, my gums always felt super sensitive after an at-home whitening sesh. In one desperate last-ditch effort, I considered professional bleaching with a cosmetic dentist, but I read about how bleaching could actually wear down enamel and weaken my teeth. No thanks! I wanted a whiter smile, not an unhealthy one!

I talked to my neighbor Claire, who works at a dentist’s office, to see if she had any recommendations for a product that could deliver a whiter smile without wrecking my oral health. She pointed me toward Kopari’s line of natural, coconut-based, chemical-free beauty products, and specifically to their Coconut Toothpaste. Claire explained that coconut oil has powerful anti-microbial properties that can help to wash away germs, improve breath, and even whiten teeth. I ordered a tube of the Charcoal Coconut Toothpaste, which promised an extra boost of whitening power, and got to brushing.

The miracle agent in Kopari’s Coconut Toothpaste is hydroxyapatite, which occurs naturally in teeth and bones. This mineral actually helps to restore tooth enamel instead of stripping healthy layers of protective coating. Unlike grocery store tubes of toothpaste, which contain drying and damaging chemicals, Kopari’s fluoride-and-sulfate-free formula is non-abrasive, leaving my mouth feeling refreshed instead of plain old uncomfortable.

It didn’t take long to chuck my old toothpaste in the trash. After about two weeks of brushing with Kopari’s Coconut Toothpaste, there was a noticeable difference in my once-yellow teeth. With each week that passed, the stains on my enamel slowly stripped away. The activated charcoal picked up the toxins that caused staining and carried them right out of my mouth. I also noticed improvements in my overall oral health; my gums felt less inflamed and my mouth didn’t feel nearly as dry as it once did. Simply put, Kopari followed through on its whitening promise. I turned on Kopari’s auto-ship option once I ran through my first tube, automatically replenishing my medicine cabinet every other month for 15% off the retail price.

I’m certainly not alone in changing my toothpaste to an entirely natural, vegan, chemical-free toothpaste. The movement to ditch harsh chemicals is growing, and with Kopari Coconut Toothpaste, I can do that while retaining the whitening benefits so many other products claim to have, but don’t come close to delivering what Kopari can. Now, it feels great to flash a smile when meeting new people and shaking hands at networking events without worrying about what my smile looks like. If you’re ready to really whiten and brighten like I have, give Kopari Coconut Toothpaste a go!

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