Attention: The ‘Glossier Glow’ Now Comes in Bottle Form

Photograph courtesy of Glossier

Introducing Futuredew

If you’ve been longing for glowy, lit-from-within skin but don’t necessarily want to consume the quantities of kale and fish needed to achieve said look, then Glossier’s new product is for you.

Futuredew (CAD$30), an oil-serum hybrid, is the latest innovation from the American beauty brand. The first of its kind for Glossier, Futuredew is described by the brand as “a shortcut to the skin you want – more hydrated, glowing, cared-for – in one long-wearing product.”

Designed to be used as the last step in your skincare routine (after sunscreen and before makeup, says the brand), the idea behind the product is to deliver the glow you get after applying serums/moisturizers but make it last for 12 hours straight. In clinical testing of 31 women done by the brand, 100% of users saw increased radiance immediately, and after four weeks of use, 100% of users observed increased radiance before applying the product, and 96% of participants had improvement in skin texture.

The product is made using a blend of nourishing oils (jojoba, grape seed, evening primrose and rosehip), as well as evodia rutaecarpa extract (a fruit extract which possesses brightening abilities), sugarcane squalane (for moisture) and light-reflecting minerals (for the glow).

In an interview, Glossier’s VP of product, Kathy Pazakis, said, “We get a lot of half-joking Instagram requests like, ‘How do i get the skin that’s inside that ad campaign?’ or ‘How do I bottle up that Glossier glow?’ And so that was a lot of the inspiration behind why we went after and created this featured product.” Pazakis was also quick to reiterate that the product was created with all skin textures in mind, not simply those genetically-blessed with perfect skin. “We sometimes get comments like, ‘Oh, Glossier is for people who have perfect skin already.’ And yes, I mean, the models look amazing but one of the things that we really loved about this product and we thought a lot about when were developing it is how it works no matter where you are in your skincare journey.”

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