If Ellie Goulding’s Morning Stretch Routine Is to Credit For Those Abs, I Need to Do It Daily


Ellie Goulding has been a source of fitness inspiration for years. With her rock-climbing videos, impressive boxing skills, and even simple strength-training workouts, we’re constantly impressed by her badass attitude and ability to use fitness for more than just the physical benefits. The 32-year-old British singer often shares her workouts on Instagram, and her latest post is a reminder of how important a simple stretching sequence can be on both your mindset and your body.

“Yoga bum,” she captioned the video. “I was a bit distracted by a camera person outside but you get the gist of this detoxifying stretch routine I do most mornings. I usually wake up feeling groggy and this feels like it pumps the blood back round again.”

The three-minute video captures Ellie stretching in different Vinyasa yoga positions. In addition to the relaxing sounds of Nao’s “Bad Blood” playing in the background, the best part about Ellie’s workout is that you really can do it anywhere. Whether you’re home for the holidays, on vacation, or just in a small living space, the simple sequence can wake up your mind and your body at any point in the day.

Ellie and Caspar Jopling tied the knot in August, and Ellie’s currently enjoying the runway shows at Paris Fashion Week, proving that this easy morning stretch can really be done no matter how busy your schedule is. Check out the video above, and add her sequence into your morning routine!

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