Build Strength and Endurance With This Heart-Pumping 30-Minute CrossFit HIIT Workout


This CrossFit workout is designed to maximize your time and get your heart pumping for 30 minutes using high-intensity intervals and basic CrossFit exercises that target your entire body to help you get stronger. By the end, you’ll feel accomplished and energized!

CrossFit coach Jade Jenny said to go all out for those 40 seconds and use the 20 seconds to rest and prepare for the next move. Most CrossFit WODs are under 12 minutes, so Jade said this longer workout “will help build your endurance.”

This is an intermediate workout, so if you’re a beginner, you can modify it by doing 30 seconds of each exercise followed by a 30-second rest, and use super lightweight dumbbells (or none at all). With time, you’ll build your endurance to be able to do the full 40 seconds or maybe even push it to 45.

I love this workout so much because all six of these are common exercises I do in many CrossFit workouts, which have been helping me get stronger. It’s always in my back pocket when I can’t get to a class; I know I can always do it at home to keep up my strength and to feel pumped for the rest of the day. (PS: I use my sturdy coffee table for a box and hung a set of gymnastics rings from the pull-up bar in my doorway).

30-Minute CrossFit HIIT Workout

Equipment needed: pair of medium-weight dumbbells (Choose a weight that allows you to do the entire 40 seconds without stopping. Here’s how to choose the right weight. For reference, I used 15-pound dumbbells), a box, and a set of rings or a TRX

Directions: Complete five rounds of the below six-minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout, for a total of 30 minutes, with no rest in between rounds, other than the 20 seconds at the end of the Abmat sit-ups. Keep reading to learn directions for each move.

Minute Exercise
1 40 seconds burpees, 20 seconds rest
2 40 seconds dumbbell shoulder press, 20 seconds rest
3 40 seconds box jump, 20 seconds rest
4 40 seconds ring rows, 20 seconds rest
5 40 seconds dumbbell step-up, 20 seconds rest
6 40 seconds Abmat (Diamond) sit-ups, 20 seconds rest

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