The Queen ’Likes’ Meghan Markle According to Historian


Meghan Markle and the Queen on July 10, 2018

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Great news for Meghan Markle: the Queen likes her! While there have been plenty of rumors about what the Queen thinks of Meghan, ranging from love to hate, historian David Starkey confirmed that Meghan officially has Her Majesty’s approval.

The Queen likes Meghan,” Starkey told the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden. “The Queen immediately made her and Harry ambassadors for the Commonwealth, which is the only thing the Queen really cares about.”

However, there is apparently one thing the Queen isn’t thrilled with: Meghan’s past as a television actress.

“The problem is she has brought too much Hollywood entitlement with her,” he said, adding that there are similarities between Meghan and Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana. “Diana behaved like a celebrity. She behaved as though she’d been born in California He’s married his mother!”

Starkey also addressed Meghan and Harry’s use of a private jet this summer, which many criticized due to Harry’s outspoken advocacy for the environment.

“Her hypocrisy is just the same as any other member of the Hollywood elite: they all proclaim their eco-sensitivity while flying their private jets,” he said.

Meghan and Harry don’t always advertise every good deed they do, however. The couple recently donated thousands to a swimming instructor who teaches children in Mozambique how to swim.

“I said to my colleague, ‘That has to be Harry and Meghan,’” Adam Knight told Harper’s Bazaar about the donation, which said was by “Archie HMW.” “We made some calls and were able to verify that it was from them, which is just incredible. Without that donation and support this would not be happening.”

Sounds like something that would be Queen-approved.

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