5 Spring 2024 Bag Trends We Want to Wear Immediately


Just pure purse perfection.

Carrie Bradshaw may have been a devoted shoe fanatic but even she couldn’t resist the power of a good handbag. I mean, who could forget when one of her biggest worries while being robbed at gunpoint (second only to her despair over her freshly stolen Manolos) was her prized Fendi baguette? After analyzing the countless bag trends that debuted on the Spring 2024 fashion month runways, we can see where Ms. Bradshaw was coming from.

As the last item you sling over your shoulder before you rush out the door, and the item that holds some of your most valuable possessions, bags are more than an afterthought accessory. And the level of artistry and innovation displayed during fashion month proved that your purse can (and often should) be the focal point of your ensemble.

Between utility-forward multi-pocket designs, exquisitely embellished styles, and new iterations of classic trends, the Spring 2024 runways had no shortage of cool handbags.

After combing through hundreds of the latest clutch, tote and shoulder bag designs, here’s our round-up of the most exciting arm candy trends from the Spring 2024 runways.

Oversized totes continue to trend

Oversized bags may have had something of a bad rap ever since Tom Wambsgans passionately deemed them “ludicrously capacious” during Succession‘s final season earlier this year, but that hasn’t stopped designers from debuting some truly “gargantuan” totes on the Spring 2024 runways.

Despite being regarded as well-dressed himself, what the Succession character failed to understand is that extra-large bags are often the perfect accessory for two reasons. Firstly, they make a statement and can easily transform just about any outfit into a head-turning look (case in point: check out Rihanna carrying one of Bottega Veneta’s latest large creations). And secondly, no one wants to deal with a bag that’s barely big enough to fit anything more than their phone and a lipstick. You don’t have that problem with preposterously giant bags, which are perfect for transporting all your needs — including flat shoes for the subway, Tom.

Bottega Veneta

@lystapp Babe wake up, new sardine bag just dropped 🥹 #BottegaVeneta #BottegaVenetaSS24 #BottegaVenetabag ♬ original sound – slownicki

There’s perhaps no other fashion house with as much sartorial clout in the bag world right now as Bottega Veneta — and there’s no wonder why either.

With their iconic intrecciato weave, fashion lovers and celebrities alike treasure Bottega’s often audaciously large creations. Of course, the house’s designs from this past fashion month, including a wide array of gigantic totes and “clutches” (can you still call it a clutch when you need two hands to carry it?), certainly lived up to this beloved legacy.



Loewe’s Spring 2024 show in Paris showcased a range of larger-than-life over-the-shoulder totes in a variety of unique styles.

While some designs were more rustic, including a bag that appeared to be tied together with a rope, others included statement hardware, oversized buttons and long gold chains. Despite their differences, many of the oversized bags featured a slightly slouchy design which complemented the rest of the collection’s looks and offset the structural backdrop of the runway.


With interesting silhouettes, outsized statement gold jewellery, and even fish bone necklaces, Schiaparelli’s Spring 2024 runway was a display of surrealism and opulence.

The show’s exciting theme also trickled down to its accessories, as seen by the collection’s oversized tote that featured a fittingly large (and very defined) embossed human torso design.

All the embellishments

Jewels, pearls and creepy mythological figureheads, oh my!

If there’s one thing the silver and Barbiecore trends of this past summer can suggest, it’s that maximalism is giving quiet luxury a run for its money. We saw the trend come to life through some extraordinarily extra bags on the runways this past September. While these lavishly adorned handbags are certainly a lot, we just can’t get enough.

Susan Fang


Influenced by AI, Susan Fang’s Spring 2024 collection was nothing short of electrifyingly eccentric — down to every last handbag.

While some purses were entirely made of resin and others were completely crocheted, each was embellished with an abundance of pearl-like 3D printed orbs that either decorated the outside of a bag or were fashioned into unique and functional chains.


Perhaps no other bags held as much historical meaning as Prada’s this season, as some featured an original design from the house’s co-founder (and Miuccia Prada’s grandfather), Mario Prada, dating back to 1913.

Over a hundred years later (and just in time for spooky season), Mario Prada’s design came to life through a frame evening bag, which featured a mythological figure sitting atop the clasp.

Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha quite literally took the cake with her handbags this season.

While there were a variety of different purse designs in the Spring 2024 collection, including multi-pocket creations and more traditional flap bags, all were adorned with lots (and lots) of pearls and bows.

The most creative of the collection? The two-tiered wedding cake draped in pearls that fittingly accompanied some of most bridal looks of the collection, which was aptly titled The Dress Rehearsal.

See right through you

Ah the clear bag trend, we meet again.

Donned by festival-goers and fashionistas alike, the ubiquitous style was recently reimagined by some of the biggest designers. Favoured for their chameleon-like ability to go with almost any outfit, it’s no wonder the transparent purse trend continues to show up on the runway. Of course, their transparency may expose just how many lip products you’re carrying at any given moment, but why not display your liners, glosses and lipsticks with pride? A girl needs options!

Tory Burch


Just like the rest of the collection, the lone clear green clutch from Tory Burch’s Spring 2024 assortment looked both sleek and futuristic as it strutted down the runway.

The transparent trend showed up in other creations of the collection too, including a semi-see-through and innovative bag-inside-a-bag design.



While we’re not quite sure about the functionality of this handbag, there’s no denying its artistry.

Created in collaboration with Raiffe, the twisted crystal glass handbag is made entirely of handblown glass from sustainable materials. Talk about a prized possession!


The purses from Versace’s Spring 2024 collection were nothing short of sheer excellence (sorry, we had to).

Featuring uniquely designed top handles that strutted down the runway in a variety of sorbet shades, the transparency of these bags paired nicely with the patterned preppy vibes and exuberance of the rest of the high-energy collection.

Compartment crazy

Cargo pants have been having their moment for some time now, and, after analyzing September’s Spring 2024 fashion month runways, it seems like that tried-and-true workwear style has translated to the accessory world.

And this is one Spring 2024 bag trend we can particularly get behind thanks to its intrinsically useful nature. With these carryalls, you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of pocket space for all your essentials.

Acne Studios

When Acne Studios’ multi-pocket bags came strutting down the Paris runway, we just couldn’t take our eyes off them. Between their extra exterior storage space and balletcore bow embellishments, it’s no surprise this bag is a fashion fan favourite.



Fendi’s multi-pocket version of its truly iconic baguette bag is a playful reincarnation of one of fashion’s most beloved accessories.

Looking closely and you’ll notice that each pocket is a mini version of the classic baguette, a uniquely innovative twist that honours their signature design.

Miu Miu


Miu Miu’s Spring 2024 collection featured several cute bags with tons of helpful exterior storage, so we just have one question — how much stuff were they trying to carry that they couldn’t fit it in all those pockets?!

Bags that aren’t really bags

Fashion shows are a chance for designers to showcase their creativity artistry in whatever format they choose. Whether that creativity takes form as clay clothing or a mid-show mud fight, the runway is the designer’s stage for their most unique (and sometimes shocking) ideas.

That said, sometimes a designer’s innovation goes so far that the question of wearability (or in this case, functionality) is called into question. This category honours the unconventional and celebrates the items shown on the Spring 2024 fashion month catwalks that kinda-sorta of fall into the “bag” category (but also, not really). Hear us out.


Move over mini-bag trend, meet teeny-tiny purse earrings.

These itty bitty purse earrings from Diesel are too adorable and possibly the most exciting accessory crossover of our dreams. Jewellery made out of little bags? Count us in!


We’re not sure if this “bag” (if it can even be called that) actually has an opening aside from the CD compartment, but hey, who needs storage space when you have a new way to play your vintage Britney Spears album on the go?


We’re not quite sure what we’re looking at… but we can’t look away.

Sportmax’s Spring 2024 show represented a dystopian world that reflected the intersection of science and art, so it only makes sense that the collection’s most prominent “handbag” is sleek, futuristic and otherwordly.

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