Estée Lauder’s Great-Granddaughter Danielle is Launching Her Own Makeup Line, Act IV

Photograph courtesy of Instagram/Danielle Lauder

And it’s inspired by the glamour of Old Hollywood.

A love of beauty clearly runs in the blood of the Lauder family, with news today that Estée Lauder’s great-granddaughter is releasing her own line of cosmetics next year.

Called Act IV (in reference to her being the fourth generation of Lauder entrepreneurs), the line has been designed with Millennial and Gen Z consumers in mind, according to WWD.

Speaking with the site about the brand, Lauder said, “My inspiration was classic Hollywood icons like Veronica Lake or Brigitte Bardot, sitting at their vanities with beautiful pieces.” In fact, the whole range was inspired by her own love of cinema – in addition to be a fledgling beauty mogul, Lauder is also an aspiring actress. The brand’s tagline is “Beauty that makes you the star” and the collection will launch on January 5, on the same day as the Golden Globes.

The collection will launch with seven products, including powder, a powder puff, a lip tint and balm duo, a blurring primer, a highlighter and a face and eye palette. However, the mogul-in-the-making has big hopes for the brand. “I hope it sells out and is a huge commercial success and that people will want more.”

Naturally, her great grandmother greatly inspired Lauder as she began working on the collection and “diving into the archives” of the late beauty giant’s work. “I loved learning how she hustled in Miami and went door to door selling her creams. I feel very connected to that right now.”

Her education in beauty also came courtesy of her grandmother Evelyn (“She taught me everything about self care – she never ever let me leave the house without chugging a bottle of water. She said it was the best thing for your skin. And sunscreen. She would cover me head to toe.”) and in her own development as an actress. “I started to audition and had to send in self tapes constantly from my dorm room, with no professional lighting or a makeup artist. I had to learn how to capture certain properties of my face, while still looking natural on camera. I took that time to study and learn, and I’m lucky that I had a huge repertoire of products to play with.”

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