How One Doctor’s Medical Mystery Led To A Brain Health Discovery

Dr. James Lee, a California-based anesthesiologist and father of two, was raised by two parents who were both physicians. Being a doctor was his destiny, and he was motivated to be not just any old MD, but the best in his field. But a traumatic and dramatic medical episode of his own changed his way of approaching medicine and patient care.

Well into an awarded, storied, and exhausting, 90-hour-workweek career, Dr. Lee entered the operating room in March 2010 to administer anesthesia to a patient undergoing surgery. Dr. Lee assumed that this relatively short day would go off without a hitch, and he’d be able to return home to spend time with his children and his wife, Dr. Tess Mauricio, a renowned dermatologist whom he’d met at Stanford medical school.

Quick read: world-renowned anesthesiologist Dr. James Lee had a medical emergency where he lost almost all of his function, leaving him unable to speak much less perform his job. After losing the core of his identity, he and his wife developed Liveli, a revolutionary health improvement system to feed the brain what it needs to function. The system brought Dr. Lee back to 100% and is proven to help anyone perform their best. Try Liveli now.

But that surgery would be anything but ordinary for Dr. Lee. While administering a common medication he knew like the back of his hand, he suddenly had no idea what he was doing. The bottle of medication in his hand became an abstract, purple blob. He lost feeling in half his face. He felt his eyes rattling within his head. The room spun around him. Disoriented and desperate to regain control of his situation, he gathered up just enough strength to revive the patient on the operating table, and then collapsed right there on the operating room floor.

This wasn’t a stroke, a heart attack, a seizure, or anything that emergency room scans could identify. Both he and his wife were left utterly puzzled, and so were his doctors. For a full year and a half, he struggled to function, with his speech taking a particularly hard hit. He could only speak slowly, with just basic language. He couldn’t retain new information. He couldn’t even brush his teeth! His independence and his livelihood were robbed from him, and Dr. Lee and his family were nothing short of absolutely devastated with this tragic turn of events.

Eventually, an MRI of his brain revealed a small tumor not apparent in earlier diagnostic checks. With his family by his side, he underwent chemotherapy to shrink the tumor. Even with the tumor gone, the fogginess persisted. If his brain were a 10-lane highway, Dr. Lee described, seven lanes were simply out of service.

Now, gradually reconnecting with the reality he once lived, he needed to build seven new lanes to replace the ones that had broken down in his brain. Unfortunately, doctors told him that his slow speech and his inability to retain new information were simply a new normal, even though the tumor was treated and gone.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Mauricio refused to accept that so-called new reality.

The couple tapped into their combined, vast medical knowledge to try to reopen doors that his tumor had closed. They worked together to develop an intense, regimented recovery program involving diet, fitness, mental exercise, and cognitive enhancers. Fortunately, Dr. Lee’s vast medical knowledge remained unaffected by the brain tumor.

Their research uncovered that the brain needs many, many different nutrients (and proper sleep!) to function optimally and that many people, including Dr. Lee, simply weren’t getting those nutrients. To fill this gap, they devised a regimen involving a combination of herbs, neuromodulators, nutrients, and precursors. The formulation fully restored Dr. Lee’s mental functions. The doctors had achieved nothing short of a miracle.

Knowing they’d done something revolutionary, Dr. Lee and Dr. Mauricio knew that they needed to share their work. If their discovery could restore Dr. Lee’s cognitive abilities from such a far-flung state, it could certainly support the brain health of millions the world over. It was a realization for the already-successful couple: they were simply meant to share their research and formulation on nootropics – supplements that support healthy brains — with the world. Liveli was born.

Liveli’s supplement regimen is based on the formula that aided Dr. Lee’s own miraculous recovery, designed and developed for anyone interested in nourishing their brains. Liveli’s All In system utilizes 70 brain-supporting nootropics, vitamins, minerals, and more necessary for every person’s optimal cognitive health. Taken in three parts daily, Dr. Lee and Dr. Mauricio’s formula supports focus and clarity during the day and promotes brain-healing sleep at night. Dosing is simple, too, with pre-measured, individually-wrapped packs that can be taken on the go.

No lab testing or abstract theorization was involved in crafting and testing Liveli; Dr. Lee’s path to regaining his former self was a real-life trial run, one that’s enabled him to cure the world on exactly his own terms.

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