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New York, New York – the city so great they named it twice. Home to arguably the greatest art gallery in the world, the greatest skyscraper, greatest park, probably the greatest public toilet if you look hard enough. Sure it’s busy, the cab drivers intimidating, and a cup of Joe will set you back a limb or two, but New York is still the ultimate bucket-list city. No other destination in the world is as necessary to visit.

“I regularly return to the cliche, but it truly is the city that never sleeps,” says Samuel Krost, owner and founder of sustainable streetwear label Krost and one of the most well-connected men in the Big Apple. “I feel like you’re constantly doing something, or there’s at least the opportunity to do something.”

Samuel Krost

There are so many great things to do and visit in NYC the only way you’ll be able to cram it in is if you skip your forty winks. We asked Krost to try his hardest and whittle the must-go places down to a select few, from his favourite mid-century hotel to the coolest clothes store in the world.

Where To Stay

The Bowery Hotel

Bowery Hotel

“I used to live a street over and the lobby of The Bowery Hotel was kind of like our living room. It’s one of those places where you just become so close to the people who work there that it feels like a second home. That’s my personal goal in New York. I try to find places that I love and then just continuously go there. You build that relationship with the doormen. It’s a comfortable place to be.

“There is a strong mid-century vibe as soon as you walk into The Bowery. Lots of oak panels and warm fireplaces. There’s no music in the lobby, which I always found interesting. If you go upstairs at the back they have an indoor-outdoor situation which is roofed off but has loads of plants. And don’t forget to visit the restaurant attached, Gemma, a classic Italian trattoria with very good food.”

Where To Shop



“Kith is a great retail store that has now become famous all over the world. Lots of the brands I love are there, from Stone Island and Alexander Wang to Rhude and Kith’s own brand.

“I’ve never been a sneakerhead, but you have to admire the sneaker collection they have on show. You’ll see lines around the block anytime there’s any sort of drop. On the second floor, behind the display of sneakers, there is always an activation or installation. They recently had a celebration for 60 years of Barbie dolls.

That concept of crossing shopping with eating, you can grab an ice cream in there too, and culture too, definitely seems like the future of shopping.

“Also, check out the incredible Aime Leon Dore store on Mulberry Street in Soho as well. They have the best coffee in New York there and that’s not just my opinion; a lot of people would agree.”

Where To Eat



“Lucien is the closest you get to Paris in New York. If you’re close with the owner and you stay there really late, then they will close these curtains and you can start smoking cigarettes in there, and you really get that Parisien vibe.

“No matter how close you are to the owner though, you’ll make a 9:30 reservation but don’t expect to sit till 10:30. It’s always packed. There’s this really tight corridor when you enter with the bar to the right, and some tables to the left.

“Everybody has to wait there so you’re constantly getting pushed and pulled by the waiters coming through to put food on those tables but they’re also giving you drinks at the same time. It’s an experience, and one I always end up leaving quite tipsy.”

Where To Refuel

Cha Cha Matcha


“Cha Cha Matcha is a cafe and drinks business ran by some of my old college friends from New York University. The decor is very spritely. You got your pinks, your greens, your bright colours. A little bit of ’80s retro too.

“But the product speaks for itself. All the teas and lattes are matcha based, hence the name, and all of them have been developed by the guys. Matcha is a natural caffeine, similar I guess to Adderall, but you don’t get a crash and its not as damaging for your system.

“My favourite is a matcha lemonade and then there’s a ginger, turmeric matcha which you can get hot or cold and is an absolute must-try, especially if you’re feeling under the weather.”

Where To Book Tickets For

Madison Square Garden


“I’m a big basketball fan, and Madison Square Garden is where the New York Knicks play. They have the hockey team too, the New York Rangers, and the biggest concerts in town are always there. So you can always find something worth going to see during a trip.

“There’s this aura with MSG too. It just feels very special. It’s a shame that the Knicks haven’t been so good over the years, but it’s always crammed. The fans are always there no matter what.”

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